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Around the Philippines with Angelo Comsti

WHO is Angelo Comsti?  “The late, great Doreen Fernandez urged me to celebrate food and my proud Malolos, my city of birth. But when you’re 16, the wisdom of the food gods is wasted on the young since the only thing I wanted to do at that time was date. I missed out on empanada de kaliskis and the proud ensaymada culture of Malolos.”

Women in Real Estate (WIRE)

Part One

THE “accidental” founding of this group happened when I first organized for our friend Bhavna Suresh, the first Power Women in Real Estate (WIRE) issue celebrating the quiet contributions of the fairer sex in a male-dominated industry.

FWD-MCX: A symbolic road to progress

ROADS are arteries through which the lifeblood of a country’s economic development runs. I cannot overemphasize this fact. Roads link workers to factories, employees to companies, farms to markets, students to schools, families to communities, and the sick to hospitals.

Palawan through the eyes of a devoted social advocate

For many Filipinos, any mention of Palawan evokes a longing for an adventure to paradise. The promise of azure and emerald waters gently skirting beautiful limestone formations, pristine white-sand beaches, and the freedom to follow one’s feet, have beckoned travelers to the province’s shores for decades.

No stopping the renegade property mogul

One of the perks of being chosen as a mentor for creative, young and driven entrepreneurs in the fifth season of The Final Pitch is the opportunity to work with my brilliant friends in the real-estate industry.

Beyond the norm: Challenging traditions

THE Philippine real estate has always been a continuously evolving landscape as it adjusts to the ever-changing needs of the local property market. Alongside arising trends and practices in the real-estate industry, there is the frequent emergence of new industry challenges and opportunities that require modern, up-to-date approaches.

Investing in a sustainable and secure tourism industry

TOURISM has always been central to national development. It contributes heavily to three high-priority goals of developing countries—the generation of income, employment  and foreign exchange earnings. A country can only truly prosper if it has a healthy, growing tourism industry.

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Tokyo & Shanghai on my mind

Part One

On my last night in Tokyo, I am reminded of how we will be back to this great city in 2020 not for the Olympics but for the Urban Land Institute Asia Pacific Summit, Tokyo, Japan, May 26 to 28, 2020.

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The kindness world tour

In my scant 43 years, I have had the privilege to travel to many foreign cities I only imagined as a kid growing up in Malolos (an equally beautiful and elegant city). I dreamed of astonishing architecture, exotic food and strange cultures.

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OSHDP calls for action, agenda for new housing department

CAPPING its recent (August 28 to 30, 2019) 10th National Convention in Davao City, the Organization of Socialized and Economic Housing Developers of the Philippines (OSHDP) has called for the formulation of an action agenda to implement the new Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD).

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Redefining real-estate solutions: A new generation of property advisors

IN this fast-moving world, adapting to change is not a smooth-sailing undertaking. Simply being open to change is one thing, but embracing it is another challenge one must face boldly. Gone are the times when set ways and traditions rule the market. Innovation and resilience are now what differentiate the companies that survive and those that do not.

Focus on NEX Tower

NEX Tower has been selected as the winner of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Asia Pacific Award for Excellence. Over 50 projects were submitted to the awards program from leading developers across the region.

Indoor landscaping rising trend in real estate

MOST of the projects in real estate I am involved in take pride in their (outdoor) landscaping but a recent trend in indoor or interior landscaping has taken Metro Manila by storm for full-blown projects to table escapes that are intended to take the stress out of urban life.

Poblacion: An urban innovation challenge

THE regeneration of Poblacion has become a passion project for many, including myself. The renewed interest in Poblacion in terms of urban planning happened because in spite of the area’s popularity as a go-to place for hanging out and having fun, there are issues that need to be addressed in order for it to further thrive as the hippest place in the Metro.

Why REITs will be big in 2019

SINCE the passing of Republic Act 9856 in 2009, the real-estate market has been anticipating the realization of the Real Estate Investment Trust. Challenges, such as high friction cost and the level of minimum public float, have discouraged developers and property owners from transfering their assets into REITs.

Starchitect designs future of retail

IF there’s anyone who has changed the course of the retail industry in a major way, it has to be Rem D Koolhaas—star architect, cofounder of Dutch designer footwear brand United Nude, and the creative genius behind the brand’s innovatively designed shoes.

Real estate and ‘feng shui’

AN edge over the competition is a valuable asset for any business, the best ones possessing the potential to make or break its future. It’s no different in the realm of real estate—and feng shui offers the perfect opportunity to seize that higher ground. More than a quick fix or shallow trend, feng shui is an ancient Chinese discipline well-grounded in its techniques to assess the potential of any given property to attract health, wealth and happiness: all the trappings of a desirable and profitable location.

When ‘fringe real estate’ becomes prime

COWORKING spaces used to be the primary purview of tech start-ups, emerging businesses and freelancers, but in the Philippines, what used to be a fringe real-estate phenomenon is now a mainstream and has become the preferred choice of many big corporations who have chosen a more relevant and agile work environment.

Leading the sustainability revolution in real estate 

JANUARY always promises an opportunity to turn a new leaf, and a most pleasant surprise and token of sustainability I had received was from pioneering sustainability developer, The Net Group (TNG), a fully nonplastic, reusable, renewable picnic basket with the iconic map of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) as the figurative and literal map.

Welcome to the future of workspaces

WHERE can you find a working space artistically designed to inspire creativity and innovation? Here comes Common Ground, the largest, fast-growing premier coworking space from Malaysia that fills in the gaps of the coworking lifestyle ecosystem with a passionate community.

Of rugby and real estate 

WHEN I first met Kenneth Stern many years back, it was not just his passion for representing our country as part of the national rugby team but, more important, his surprising passion for real estate.

Women and youth in real estate

INCLUSION has always been a driver for me in our advocacies. A most meaningful work expression of this spirit of volunteerism in the real-estate industry is our work in mentoring and engaging more women and the youth to engage in the real-estate sector.

A blockchain-powered smart city revolution

TODAY I start a series on technology-powered real-estate developments, starting with the one technology closest to my heart, blockchain. Last week I was in Tokyo for the launch of the Ceza road show that just might very well help make the Philippines the next Crypto Valley of Asia, yet another real-estate development that’s going to be defined by technology.

Ushering in a new real-estate industry leadership

HAVING been approached by three of the executive officers of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), a prospective member recently asked if we in the Urban Land Institute were like the Masons, in part, I think, because of the zeal and passion we have for the organization and also for recruiting new members, especially those who we feel are aligned with our values for building better cities and communities.

Architect for others

IN my ongoing series on architects and designers for the country, we feature one of my favorite women in real estate—Arch. Cathy Saldaña is one of the most prominent female architects in the country, but more than being a top-notch architect, I single her out for her love of country and how she skews her work toward Mindanao, tourism and sustainability.

Architecture of the Philippines, for the country

WILLIAM TI has always believed in the future of architecture as a possible Philippine brand and not just as a practice. Having organized several architecture festivals in the country, he’s not only seen as one of the best young practitioners but an influential leader in the industry.