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Monday Morning

Starting a Business Can Improve Older Workers’ Quality of Life

By Maria Minniti, Teemu Kautonen & Ewald Kibler The average age of the global population is increasing. Aging individuals are not always able to find...

How to Get Men Involved in Gender-Parity Initiatives

When it comes to programs aimed at increasing gender parity, diversaity officers struggle to engage men. In a paper recently published in Organization Science, we...

Top News

What do you do when compliance issues arise?

There is no doubt that organizations and their managers are more and more exposed to compliance breaches, be it in data-privacy protection, anti-corruption, quality control, tax payments or meeting regulatory requirements in general. It is...

Despite ‘complex’ regulation, PHL tax system seen effective

Part One THE tax system of the Philippines have seen improvements in terms of generating revenues for the national government over the years, with data for 2016 pointing to a 4.2-percent increase in collections compared...

H1 2017 growth in SEA arrivals outpaces global rate–UNWTO

THE Philippines pushed further cooperation in Asian tourism initiatives to continue to boost the growth in visitor arrivals in the region. Speaking at the roundtable for ministers at the Global Tourism Forum of the recent...


It’s time to give Taiwan a look

CLINKS of cutlery and indistinct chatter interrupted the early silence of that grand welcome dinner in downtown Taipei. The mood was stiff and movements...

How to Win a War on Drugs

LISBON, Portugal—On a broken-down set of steps, a 37-year-old fisherman named Mario mixed heroin and cocaine and carefully prepared a hypodermic needle. “It’s hard...

Government to hike tobacco floor prices

The National Tobacco Administration (NTA) will increase by P1 to P3 the floor prices of tobacco for trading years 2018-2019, after farmers and the private sector reached an agreement on Tuesday. The NTA said the...

Switzerland is about to ensure it never goes hungry again

They’re going to the polls on Sunday to decide on a constitutional amendment to guarantee food supply. Launched by the Swiss farmer’s association, the initiative has since been replaced with a government proposal that...

The World





The Broader Look

INTERRACIAL marriages in the country have existed long before the advent of air travel and the Internet.  It is defined as “a marriage between spouses who belong to different races”. Interracial marriage was historically a taboo in the US and outlawed in South Africa. It was formally declared legal in...
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Soft pink and rich green: Furniture collection captures ‘California dream’

FURNITURE and styling brand Moss Manila Home blends that relaxed, California-inspired vibe with its signature contemporary maximalist aesthetic in a new collection, called “Manila...


A tribute exhibit at León Gallery and charities at The Magnificent...

León Gallery ( celebrated the legendary Philippine Art Gallery, ground zero for Manila’s avant-garde in the 1950s, with a special show, titled Mid-Century Moderns:...

Tips to convert a spare room into a multifunctional walk-in closet

By Melissa Rayworth / The Associated Press Longing for a bigger closet? Remember that rooms in your home don’t have to be used the way they were...

NL-1331 Philippines: Asia’s first ever

THERE was a sense of pride as we saw it for the first time. The smooth black exterior, decorated with official signs and emblems,...


Bask in the stillness of the countryside

Have you ever suddenly stopped in the middle of typing that business letter, or whatever you were doing? Stared at the window and wished...

Health & Fitness

Sleep: How much you really need?

WHY sleep? At one time, a kid asked, “Why do we need to sleep?  Can we stay awake  all the time?”  Good questions.  The thing is: “Sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being,” the National satnitation foundation points out. “We spend up to...



Is there life after mining?

‘I am especially fond of gardening, taking care of plants at home,” said Melita Cuaton, a 44-year-old mother of six from Sitio Campandan, Barangay Talavera,...


Cool August restrains melt of Arctic sea ice

WASHINGTON—Arctic sea ice this summer dropped to its eighth lowest level on record, new federal data show. That’s far below average, but considerably above...


Bishop lays out plan for Fr. Chito’s recovery

A Catholic bishop said Fr. Teresito “Chito” Suganob would undergo a post-captivity reintegration process, as he hopes for the priest’s complete recovery and resume...

Business Sense

Never shy about hype, on September 12 Apple CEO Tim Cook presented the company’s latest iPhones to a packed auditorium in its glitzy new headquarters in Cupertino. He made a grand prediction: Its new, premium phone, the iPhone X (pronounced “ten”), will “set the path of technology for the...

BM Reports

Part Two WHERE do taxes go? The taxes paid to the Philippine government come back to its citizens in the form of improved government social services, according to the National Tax Research Center (NTRC) in its June 2015 publication, entitled “Where does your tax money go?” “Taxes, being the lifeblood of the...
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It’s more than just driving

AFTER all those years telling the stories of different people, I finally decided that it was time to write about the man who has...

Riveting action in the Vios Cup

Story & photo by Randy S. Peregrino WITH the fourth season approaching to an end, competing teams and its individual racers are becoming more and more...

Progress propels Cebu motorization; PAL expansion up

THE City of Cebu is fast becoming to be the Metro Manila of the Visayas. As the place now teems with people, it follows, almost,...