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‘Sustainability’ a buzzword for some, but a real challenge for most firms

BY now, most of the publicly listed companies have been accustomed to doing and submitting to the government their sustainability reports. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said listed firms were in “peak compliance” for the submission of the separate report on sustainability—as much as 98 percent compliant for the 2019 and 2020 financial reporting years that the agency monitored so far.

A tale of 2 boats, or why we keep sailing with you

IT was sheer serendipity that on the day BusinessMirror released its anniversary folio marking its 17th anniversary, a 108-year-old maritime icon from Norway would sail into Manila’s port as part of a global navigation. The men and women behind BusinessMirror had decided, early on, to use a sailboat—fittingly floating in an ocean of face masks—to illustrate the rough waters in which it had navigated through the pandemic.


October 3, 2022 – SM Foundation, Inc. (SMFI), the social good arm of the SM group, was recognized by the Board of Investments (BOI) with the Pandemic Heroes Award for its contribution in making a significant difference in the lives of Filipinos during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Republic Cement partners with Pure Oceans in diverting marine plastic litter

Globally, around 4.8 to 12.7 million tons of plastic wastes enter the oceans every year according to an article published by the World Bank 2021. The same article revealed that 40 to 50 percent of these marine plastic wastes are single-use consumer packaging and 80% of the global plastic wastes leaking into the ocean comes from Asia. In fact, the Philippines is the third largest contributor of marine plastic waste with over 750,000 tons of plastics entering the ocean annually.

Best places to raise a family in Cebu

Cebu is undoubtedly a fantastic place to live in. It is vibrant, dynamic, and full of exciting activities and destinations. It is no surprise then that many are looking for the perfect home in Cebu, especially one that best fits their family. One of the crucial considerations for homebuyers is the neighborhood’s suitability for raising and nurturing a household. Fortunately, there are many choices for families to thrive and grow, including Camella communities in Cebu.

PHL turns to program loans to survive pandemic

‘Because of our strong fiscal position, we were able to procure a total of 195 million vaccine doses from both the government and private sector, provide emergency cash transfers for those affected by the quarantines, and strengthen our overall response to address the pandemic.’ -- Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Karl Kendrick T. Chua

Is PHL tourism finally in for a reboot?

As the tourism industry tries to reboot, the DOT is constantly reminding our foreign friends that “More Fun Awaits” them in the Philippines. The agency’s new brand campaign has an ad airing on CNN International, the BBC, CNBC, National Geographic, and the History Channel. (Last year, it started with the “Wake up in the Philippines” campaign.)

Liberalizing public services a delicate balancing act

THINK tanks, government officials and business groups have stressed the need to bring in more foreign direct investments (FDI), especially at a time when a country is battling an enemy strong enough to send it to an economic recession. FDIs are expected to generate more employment and revenues—both of which are on the top of the must-have list of the country.

Now is the best time to invest in property

At the start of the community quarantine, the real estate and property market has slowed down, but now it’s picking up with renewed interest from buyers. Industry experts also cite indications that the sector will definitely bounce back and that makes investing in real estate in perfect timing.

Pinas Muna Tayo

In an effort to jump start the economy from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, various members of both the public and private sectors have joined hands to form #PinasMunaTayo. Described as both “a campaign and a movement”, #PinasMunaTayo is spearheaded by the  Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Alliance Global Group Inc., and Resorts World Manila. It aims to advocate Bayanihan through the patronization of local products and destinations in order to stimulate the growth of domestic consumption. The campaign has three main objectives, namely, TriPinas, to revive local tourism, ShoPinas, to encourage the patronization of local retail brands and LasaPinas,which stirs local interest in different local delicacies.

When lockdown means freedom

WHEN the Covid-19 pandemic reached the country in March, the government placed almost the entire country either on a total lockdown or under varying levels of quarantine to prevent more infections and deaths due to the virus.

Setting a standard

ERNESTO “JUDES” ECHAUZ, the Group Chairman of Standard Insurance, has sailing flowing in his veins. But from the calm-to-ferocious seas where he steered his yacht Centennial III and most recently Centennial V, the tender-natured Echauz ventured into three other sports that has one common denominator—a bicycle.

Food! Glorious food!

EVERYONE is now a food tourist or food traveler. We go to the provinces for work or vacation, or go on holidays abroad, and take photos not just of the beach or iconic landmarks of the places we are visiting, but the food we eat as well.  Social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, are filled with posts upon posts of dishes here and around the world, with hashtags like #instafood, #foodporn, #foodie and the like.

Goodbye, Landline

SHIFTING from a set of “landline-era policies” to digitally enabling regulations and practices may help improve the Philippines’s ranking in competitiveness reports, all while creating a huge impact on both the macroeconomy and individuals.

Real estate soars high with PHL’s ‘uninterrupted economic growth’

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the Philippine economy expanded by about 6.2 per cent in 2018. It was lower than the average annual growth rate of 6.6 percent from 2012 to 2017 but still places the country as among the fastest-growing economies in Emerging Asia. During Q4 2018, industry had the fastest growth, with 6.9 percent, followed by services (6.3 percent) and agriculture (1.7 percent).

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‘You build and they will come’

From November 30 to December 11 this year, the NCC will be hot on the radar in this side of the globe as it becomes the main hub of the 30th Southeast Asian Games—the fourth time after 1981, 1991 and 2005 that the country is hosting the multi-sport regional competitions.
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Technology aids government collection of ‘new oil’


FOR many years, millions of Filipinos were practically on the fringes of policy-making and nation-building simply because government statisticians could not reach them. The real plight of Filipinos was lost in a sea of estimates and projections as the government lacked the required resources and means to include them in official surveys.

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THE “Road to A,” a campaign launched by the Duterte administration this year, has given the House of Representatives more impetus to immediately pass measures under the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CTRP). The government declared that it will shoot for an “A” credit rating in May, right after debt watcher Standard & Poor’s (S&P) upgraded the Philippines’s credit rating to “BBB+.”

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Sustainable tourism not just for destinations, establishments, as more travelers find out


WHEN Boracay Island was reopened to the public on October 26, 2018, the Department of Tourism (DOT) promoted it as a model of sustainable tourism. Just six months before, it underwent a massive cleanup and rehabilitation, including the implementation of much-needed infrastructure projects, like the widening of the main beach road, improvement of the drainage system, as well as enforcing the no-build zone on the beach.

The Bamboo Company

So the story goes, Jamico Jamlang visited an island off Misamis Occidental where dolphins used to race with pumpboats of fisherfolk going out to the island. But as time went by, the waters surrounding that island degraded into an environmental mess that the stories of the dolphins swimming with bancas became a thing of the past. 

PHL flying high–into space

AT a recent forum, a science high-school student commented that for ordinary people, space is unreachable and very distant, considering it is high above the Earth, and that having a space program seems to be difficult.

3 Satellites & A Country

THE P800-million Philippines Scientific Earth Observation Microsatellite (PHL-Microsat) Program that aimed at launching Filipino-made satellites in space had already launched its microsatellites in space: Diwata-1, a microsatellite that fits a balikbayan box, and Maya-1, a cube satellite that fits the palm of a hand.

Connecting to the Future

THE whole world is now undergoing the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, with data being the new gold. And while the rest of the world has long been thriving in mining this new commodity, the Philippines is still in the search for tools to capitalize on this product, albeit at a much faster pace. 

Future-Proofing Business

BUSINESSES in the Philippines are encouraged to ramp up their innovative efforts in order to confront global emerging challenges, most especially changes brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.