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Starting 2021 with a collision

For me, the year 2021 started with a bang, literally, due to a car accident. On my way home from the grocery on the evening of January 1, a speeding Lalamove motorcycle driver hit my car along C5 extension in Las Piñas City. After...

Filipino seafarers and the ‘Good Samaritan at Sea’ doctrine

The recent story of an American sailor who was rescued by Filipino seafarers may aptly be an application of the “Good Samaritan at Sea” doctrine or the obligation to render assistance at sea. The 63-year-old sailor, Stuart Bee, was missing at sea for nearly...

The viral photo of a Physics student with the street as his bigger classroom

Freedom represents many other young Filipinos thirsty for knowledge and wishing to achieve something in the field of science despite their economic status.

Seafarer’s arthritis as a compensable work-related illness

Arthritis is considered as compensable work-related illness for seafarers who performed tasks onboard the vessel that involved unduly heavy physical labor and joint strain. The most common types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. A 1996 study by doctors from St. Thomas’ Hospital in London published...

Waiting to cheer ‘UP Fight!’ again amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Sadly this year, fans have to content themselves with past photos as the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted several sporting events, including the UAAP games.

Joint and solidary liability in seafarers’ abandonment cases

Athough international law prescribes that the seafarer has the right to be repatriated back to his point of origin, there are those who suffer abandonment by their employers. Repatriation comes from the Latin word repatriare, “return to one’s own country,” from the prefix re,...

The ‘David and Goliath’ legal battle for seafarers’ death benefits

The maritime profession has always been identified as a perilous job replete with health and safety hazards in relation to the risks of accidents, illnesses and mortality. The seafarer is often mentally, physically and emotionally stressed, aside from being constantly exposed to a variable...

The plight of maritime cadets as utility boys

The proliferation of cadets serving as utility boys is an issue that is widely known in the maritime industry but seldom addressed. “How will the proposed law help cadets not be taken advantage of?” is the question raised by Christian Esteban of Maritime Academy...
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