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John Mangun

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US inflation

“Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a…
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Ultimate eavesdropping

Eavesdropping is the act of secretly or stealthily listening to the private conversation or communications of others without…
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US/China: Playing games

United States foreign policy has been a bit schizophrenic since its founding. In his Farewell Address—published in 1796—George…
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Free or controlled markets

Regardless of the terms used—particularly the “isms”: capitalism, socialism and communism—there are only two economic choices. An “economy”…
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Simple Marxism

You cannot blame Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels for getting some things wrong when they developed the concepts…
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Flying pig

Last month I wrote, “For me though, the most astounding event of the 21st century is happening right…
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Crisis manipulation

American political commentator and television host Bill Maher had some interesting things to say on his show last…
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Greed is good

Maybe one of the reasons you are not rich—or richer—is because you are not greedy or greedy enough.…
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Success 2021

We have been fed the myth that “economists” are unbiased number crunchers who develop theories based on the…
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Enjoy the ride

This year has already been marked by two significant financial events: the GameStop (GME) and Bitcoin price explosions.…
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Be like Joseph

I admit that I have not attended any seminars given by those teaching “financial literacy.” From the outlines…
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OK Boomer

All the shrieking over the recent events on the New York Stock Exchange over the trading in GameStop…
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PHL: Mango not apple

I am increasingly convinced that the worst legacy of the American occupation of the Philippines was the apple—the…
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My plan for success

For many decades I have built my wealth and protected my business and family by proposing different scenarios…
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WHO knows–or not

Unlike some other UN organizations—such as the UN Human Rights Commission, with major human-rights abusers as members, and the United Nations Children’s Fund, with Unicef admitting failures amid child-abuse allegations—WHO has succeeded because it was trusted and strived to be nonpolitical.

Man bites dog

During the “Golden Age” of newspapers, there was a “Golden Rule” for story placement on the front page.…