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Connect the dots

Considering the fact that I write four pieces publishedevery week, I am starting to worry what might be my subject matter six months from now. I think I was able to pound out about three columns...

Truth is poetry

My two favorite films of the 21st century—Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short—will never appear on the Top 50 or even Top 100 list. Part of the reason for that is the subject matter....

The ‘Covidian Cult’

IT is unfortunate but it is time to “go there.” Back when I was climbing up the mountain of life rather than sliding down the other side, there were two great truths. The...

WHO knows–or not

Unlike some other UN organizations—such as the UN Human Rights Commission, with major human-rights abusers as members, and the United Nations Children’s Fund, with Unicef admitting failures amid child-abuse allegations—WHO has succeeded because it was trusted and strived to be nonpolitical.

PSE: Still sleeping

In the historical record of the Philippine Stock Exchange, October 6, 2020 will now be known as “Telco Tuesday.” I will get to that in a minute. You are invited to pick one...

Covid-19: ‘Massive societal shifts’

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a wonderful opportunity for politicians and pundits. Local politicians—state and city in the US and city and barangay in the Philippines—have earned a fortune, power, and fame. Pundits have had something...

It’s time for business

Covid-19 has rewritten the rules of everyday life. I have friends that suffered from the nightmare and after-effects of Covid-19. I also have a friend and several acquaintances that succumbed to the illness.

It’s only about the money flow

There have been some 33,306,022 confirmed Covid cases worldwide with some 1 million deaths. That is a mortality rate of 3 percent. Unvaccinated and untreated Ebola virus kills about 85 percent of all who contract the...
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