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Boss In Love

cyril razon1COMPETITIVE people love a challenge. If competitive people come face to face with a problem, you can bet they’re going to try to solve it and they won’t stop until they do.

Lust and love

cyril razon1VALENTINES is getting closer and we tend to figure things out what will be the greatest adversary with our plans. Well, the thing is, do you know the difference between these two: the lush of lust and the cove of love.

Things we should do while stuck in traffic

cyril razon1HOW often have you been stuck in traffic and just waited impatiently for it to clear? If you commute daily, then you must be all too familiar with the long lines of vehicles that just don’t seem to move an inch for 10-minute stretches at least a couple of times more until you reach your destination.


ONE day I was sitting in a bench with one of my best friends discussing the difficulties of their dating life. While I’m single for four months, I was thinking of something. Through my mind, I was ranting about how they actually get ahead of me for being in a relationship long enough before I did.