Simple Feng Shui tips for a prosperous Chinese New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! As we welcome the Year of the Metal Rat, you might be wondering how you can hone in your good fortune this year. Whether it be honing your luck in terms of your health or finding romance, you might consider using the ancient art of Feng Shui to bring that in. This almost four thousand year practice involves placing certain objects or furniture a certain way to bring good “chi”, or energy, into the space. It is often determined by what direction the room is facing and the elements associated to it. This 2020, take a look at these tips to achieve a more productive and prosperous office space.


The first step to a more prosperous and productive workspace is to get rid of the clutter. Feng Shui is all about allowing positive energies to flow across your space, so it is best to get rid of that giant pile of junk to help it move around. Utilize shelves and drawers to keep your desk clean and only keep things you use daily on the desk. In clearing your desk, you also clear your mind for the work ahead.

Water and wood

With your desk spotless, it’s time to invite prosperity into your work space with decor. Keep in mind two elements before you decorate: wood and water. Both of these elements are tied to wealth-so invoke them with the use of green or blue accents in your space. Give life to your walls with paintings of koi fish or running water. Fish, being aquatic creatures, invite wealth and prosperity. You can also put a small air filtering plant on your desk, for growth. If you do not want a living plant on your desk, an artificial tree decked with amethyst stones will do. Amethyst stones facilitate energies between leaders and co-workers, creating a harmonious work environment and may even help you get promoted.


You will commonly see this beckoning cat at East Asian restaurants. Though the Maneki-neko is Japanese in origin, it nevertheless assimilated into Chinese culture. The cat first appeared in the Edo period, though the origins of the cat vary. The most famous story involves the cat beckoning to a samurai resting under a tree. The samurai follows the cat to a temple, and the tree he was resting under was suddenly struck by lightning. The grateful samurai then became a benefactor to the temple, and erected a statue of the cat in its honor.

The Maneki-Neko comes in a variety of colors and accessories, each with a specific purpose. Gold and white cats are especially common, symbolizing wealth and happiness respectively. The cat maybe holding a fish, a wallet or an ancient coin, all meant to attract wealth. Even the cat’s paws have symbolisms. For example, if you want to attract more customers, get a cat with its left paw raised. A cat with a right raised paw, meanwhile, invites good fortune and money. Occasionally, a cat can have both paws raised, which stands for protection.


Jin-chan (Chinese: 金蟾, literally “money frog”) is a three legged amphibian with bright red eyes. It is often depicted with either a coin in its mouth or sitting on a pile of coins. Legend states that the creature appears near businesses or homes that are about to receive good news. This makes it a popular symbol of prosperity, and is commonly placed in the north for career advancements or the southwest area to activate wealth. Other times, it can be seen near the main entrance of a business.

However, this frog demands respect. It should never be placed on the floor and the area around it must always be clean. It is recommended to put the Jin-chan on a low cabinet or desk, preferably against the wall or near where you keep your financial papers. It should not be placed in a bedroom or a kitchen, as it brings bad fortune to these areas instead.

There you have it, auspicious objects and colors that will help you attract wealth this coming Year of the Rat. You can find these objects and other luck talismans anywhere in Binondo, or even online. Have a good year!