STRONGLY BUILT AS EVER | New San Jose Builders, Inc. brings property development legacy to Metro

SINCE the pandemic situation has somewhat eased with the downward trend in Covid-19 cases nationwide, properties have been constantly in demand, especially in regions outside of Metro Manila. 

In fact, estates that are either for sale or lease on Lamudi showed a slight growth even at the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020. This trend has continued after two years as the world prepares for the end of this health crisis when the real estate market in Luzon showed stronger leads, growing by 10 percentage points in the third month of 2022 alone compared to the same period a couple of years ago. 

Interest is particularly high in the southern and eastern parts of Metro Manila. The province of Rizal, for instance, saw a stronger appetite among property buyers following the pandemic. From 70 percent to 75 percent of overall for-sale leads there during the first quarter of 2020, the real estate portal recorded an uptick between 79 percent to 84 percent from January to March 2022. 

Addressing this imminent transition period, New San Jose Builders Inc. (NSJBI) is always ready to provide  Filipinos with a safe home during and after a health crisis. Known for its legacy project like the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan, participation in the iconic development that is The Philippine Arena in Bulacan, and other towering residences in the metro, this renowned developer is bringing its expertise in the horizontal field to Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal through Metro Manila Hills. “This groundbreaking project renews our commitment and dedication to serving the residents all throughout the journey of owning their dream house,’’ said Leo Barrosa, Chief Operating Officer of NSJBI. 

Ideal home to have in eastern suburb

WITH travel now on the rise as more people get to take a respite in places away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Rizal Province never fails to be overlooked by tourists. The same holds true for property- hunters who want a  home that’s not far from their daily grind yet near a serene environment and bounty of nature every time they need a refreshing hiatus. 

Seated in  Barangay  San Jose in the town of Rodriguez, Metro Manila Hills is close to the metropolis, merely a 20-minute drive from the Quezon City Hall, thus giving them easy access to life essentials. Given the manifold infrastructure projects and improved transport network in the nearby cities and the central business districts, traveling back and forth, either for work or leisure, is a breeze. 

The modern yet peaceful lifestyle that the province of Rizal could offer is also within reach. From its seat of government to business, commercial, and leisure hubs; academic and health care institutions; public markets and service centers; as well as cultural and historic landmarks, residents have easy access to them all. 

And whenever they need a break from their busy normal life, this prime property of NSJBI provides a tranquil haven as it sits atop a 272-hectare piece of land with a scenic vista of the Sierra Madre at the backdrop. Hence, Metro Manila Hills is an ideal community where a laid-back and hassle-free kind of life is always given. 

Fusion of inspirations

“EAST meets west”. This comes to mind when describing the designs of the abodes across its six phases—perfectly suited for the discerning tastes of homeowners. The first phase of   Metro Manila Hills houses single-detached units with a floor area of up to 70 square meters. This is ideal for starting or small families. Reasonably-priced yet efficiently-designed townhomes, on the other hand, dot the second phase of the residential project. 

Meanwhile, the third phase features charming three- bedroom dwellings fit for growing families. The owners can opt to install a pool given the spacious lot allotted here. The remaining phases give residents an array of units boasting enough space to live in. 

Depending on their design preference, they can choose from four house models.   The first is Victoria Villas, a modern-day Asian-inspired design of a home with strategically located windows that lend a majestic view of the mountains and the serene landscape. This concept is reminiscent of a Japanese minimalistic design with a fusion of contemporary architecture. 

Theresa Heights brings that southern old American vibe. This humble abode comes with two bedrooms, and a wide front porch with an amazing view of the Rizal Mountains. Its stylish feminine version, Isabel Terraces, is among the pioneering house designs in Metro Manila Hills. This is recognizable by its contrasting colored home and provision of two bedrooms. Fronting its wide balcony is a mesmerizing view of the mountain range of the Sierra Madre. 

Bringing the warm Mediterranean atmosphere to the residents is the Spanish-accented design of  Residencias de Francesca. Its balcony and chic frontal window remind everyone of the magnificent European palaces. 

Each unit is specially curated to meet any or all of the owners’ requirements. It consists of a living room, kitchen, toilet and bath, bedroom, and dining area to ensure a maximized living experience for its dwellers. What’s more,  it’s complete with walls, floors, countertops, and ceilings upon turnover. 

With these livable spaces and furnishings, complemented well by the amalgam of architectural style options, owning a house and lot here is, indeed, a dream come true of like living the best of both worlds. 

Superb features and amenities

METRO Manila Hills not only provides security and convenience to homeowners right in the comfort of their homes but also within the confines of this gated community. 

To guarantee the safety of its residents,  this housing project is enclosed in a perimeter fence with wide concrete roads. Only bonafide dwellers and their guests can pass through the entrance gate manned by the guard house 24/7,  thus,  protecting them from the intrusion of any trespasser. Also, each of the units is already equipped with a fire alarm system. The entire project has a centralized water system with elevated water tanks. 

Every day spent on this unique project is meaningful and fulfilling. The stunning mountain views and fresh air welcome residents waking up in the morning. Energizing them throughout the day is both the fun and action that come at their best since a big portion of the vast land the property occupies is refreshing and inviting to engage in outdoor activities. 

The open spaces are dedicated to parks and playgrounds, where kids and the rest of the family can enjoy bonding together; as bike lanes, walking and jogging paths allow the health buffs to sweat out and flex some muscles. 

Harmonious relationships among families and neighbors are, likewise, cultivated at its resort-type clubhouse, multi-purpose function areas, basketball court, and swimming pool that can host any type of occasion, whether sports events, parties or even simple get-togethers. 

At night, this thriving community is still alive with its spectacularly lighted boulevard. This 20-meter wide and over a kilometer long lane runs at the middle of the development teeming with food and retail shops, plus other commercial establishments that residents can turn to for their daily needs and more. 

Truly, the positive ambiance, impeccable designs, healthy and clean surroundings, breathable and spacious landscape, as well as calm and serene nature are what truly make Metro Manila Hills considered the last frontier in premier subdivision developments in the country. So owning a place to dwell here brings a well-balanced life not only to existing residents but also to prospective homebuyers. 

About the developer

ESTABLISHED in 1986, NSJBI has ever since been truthful to its thrust of “Building Homes, Uplifting Lives”. This property developer has dedicated itself to helping every Filipino own their dream house, as it keeps on building affordable yet quality residential units in the best locations within and outside of Metro Manila. 

To know more about the outstanding developments of New San Jose Builders, come to the NSJBI open house event on January  27,  2023,  11am at the Victoria Sports Tower Monumento in Caloocan City and avail of exciting promos. 

For more information about   Metro   Manila    Hills and other NSJBI projects, call 8442-7777 loc. 227  or visit the NSJBI Facebook page @newsanjoseofficial for updates. 


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