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Basura Bangka to transport plastic waste from coastal & island communities launched

Food and beverage manufacturer Nestlé Philippines and the marine conservation social enterprise Pure Oceans have entered into a partnership to design, procure and operate a prototype boat called Basura Bangka to transport plastic waste from coastal and island communities in Batangas to recycling facilities.

TURNING PATRIOTIC: Rekindling the ‘Bayanihan’ spirit in this time of the pandemic

History and medical records show that no global disease outbreak since the Spanish Flu of 1918 has affected the world’s populace like the novel Coronavirus Disease (CoViD-19). For seven months now, societies are coping with the ongoing pandemic, with countries around the world still...

Aboitiz Group: Advancing business and communities amid Covid-19

The current global health crisis has ravaged almost every economy, not sparing the Philippines, which has been one of the hardest hit countries in Asia. While businesses, from micro industries to blue chip companies, have undoubtedly felt its egregious impact, the will to...
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