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Coach’s challenge in PBA necessary

WHAT is wrong is wrong.  What is right is right. It was wrong for referee Sherwin Pineda to call a foul on Paolo Taha of Northport. It was right for...

From 3-hour travel time to 20 minutes; ‘Lexus Experience’

ANOTHER infrastructure wonder has been recently completed by Ramon S. Ang (RSA), the most active, most inventive and most daring businessman in crafting out-of-the-box projects this country has ever known in recent memory.

Murder he wrote

IT’S obvious that LeBron James easily gets annoyed. It showed in the just-ended best-of-seven National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals, especially in Game Six on Monday. He literally blew his top...

What, another Toyota launch? My beef with Beep

EIGHTY pesos may only be loose change to the rich.  But to our poor folk, that’s manna from heaven, so to speak.  That’s probably what was on President Duterte’s mind when...

Can Heat repeat against Lakers?

LET’S be honest. Do you believe Miami Heat can win again today (Wednesday, PHL time) to forge a 2-2 tie with the Los Angeles Lakers in their seven-game National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals?

Macalintal makes ‘noise;’ more masks from TMP

I SUPPORT the recent “noise” made by Romulo B. Macalintal, requesting the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) to implement the law granting 20-percent toll discount to senior citizens (SCs) and persons...

LeBron, Lakers heavily favored

YOU talk of warriors pitted in a war and, almost always, one side has superior soldiers over the other. The coming Laker-Heat match is no exception. Thus, when they begin...

Up and down sales swing; Toyota aggression  

WHO said it was all downhill?  That the industry has suffered terrible sales blows continuously amid the pandemic?  That several players have absorbed near-fatal damages that they almost closed shop because of sales setbacks so difficult...
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