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Msgr. Sabino Vengco Jr.

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Msgr. Sabino Azurin Vengco, Jr., SThD, is a priest of the Diocese of Malolos, hailing from Hagonoy, Bulacan. His more than fifty years of priestly life and ministry has been focused on teaching the faith in various theological faculties and also on mass media, and in looking after the welfare of elderly and sick Filipino priests nationwide.
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‘The last as first and the first as last’

Life in our communities of faith eventually reveals the big difference between what we think is proper and what God thinks and does. The gospel parable of the workers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16) shows that...

A communion built on mercy

Last Sunday we reflected on the community of believers’ uncompromising stand against sin even as we were reminded of our responsibility to be there for one another in our struggle to overcome evil. On the note...

We are each other’s keepers

AS a communion of believers in Christ, we have our community rules of life. Fraternal correction and communal prayer are two basic concretizations of our responsibility for one another particularly in the...

Finding life in the passion of Jesus

WE saw Peter expressing faith in Jesus as the Messiah. And he was tasked to take care of and serve the Church against the forces of evil and death. Thereafter Matthew narrates...

A faith that must serve

These next two Sundays we shall meditate on Peter’s ministry as Jesus’ chosen servant for a special task in the service of the Church. Two Sundays back in the story of the...

The great faith of a gentile

After the little faith demonstrated by Peter in a stormy sea, Jesus was amazed to encounter a gentile woman, a stranger, with an irresistible faith in Him (Matthew 13:21-28).

Do not be afraid!

WE need to have real faith in Jesus as we try to live up to our tasks in this world. For we are asked to cross to the other side of the...

Blessed, broken and shared

Following the Sundays focused on the kingdom of heaven as illustrated in the parables, we now turn our attention to the community of disciples, the Church, being formed by Jesus. Faith in...
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