Corporate culture is relationship culture

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IF the relationship within an organization is missing, employees are less satisfied, less motivated, and less productive.

An answer to the question of the common what for and where to allows organizations to align themselves clearly, to position themselves for the future, and to involve all employees. This creates scope for successful relationships that enable cultural change.

Let’s believe in meaningful action and visionary alignment:

1.) Companies with meaning and vision learn early, quickly, and permanently.

2.) The people in the company are happier, more motivated, and more productive.

3.) Relationships are strong, people in the company become resilient and fit for the future.

4.) This makes the company more effective and reduces complexity.

5.) Teams make faster and better decisions.

6.) The interaction between employees and customers is increasing.

7.) It leads to sustainable growth and success in the market.

8.) It always contributes to the common good.

Part of this progressive exercise are successful relationships in the work context and the ability to engage in open and transparent communication.

You may think that it would be easy to learn to meet oneself and others as equals in a constructive dialogue, but equality requires maturity.

It requires a lot of maturity and clarity, such as knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, your own values, motivators and your “sense of purpose.” In addition, you must represent your own interests with self-confidence, and at the same time be open and constructive for the views of others.

So the question is:

Do you meet yourself and others self-aware and at eye level?

Do you treat your counterpart with respect—regardless of whether this person shares your opinion?

Are you open and interested in the opinion of others?

Are you ready to want to understand your counterpart and to temporarily leave your “world” for this?

Are you interested in a we—or do you want to assert your idea/ your position/your attitude?

Why these questions?

Numerous projects regarding cultural change and team development show the danger of an ever-widening gap in the work force or between the teams. There are people who embrace the increasingly complex and dynamic reality, and others who are left frustrated and disillusioned by too many change campaigns in the organization. At the same time, if you ask them, they all just want the opportunity to do a good job.

In a positive environment, structures and rules allow you to have fun at work, and to make you feel that you belong. Especially in today’s complexity and dynamics, it is important to address the diversity of perspectives in the work force, to welcome them and to act transparently at eye level.

We need eye level to enable both individual trust in management and collective trust in the company. And thus (again) building up an intrinsic connection in and with the organization to tackle all changes and the design of something new together.

If people succeed in acting as equals in an organization, they strengthen their relationships. If you strengthen your relationships, you also strengthen the willingness and ability to change in the company.

Let’s unlock the power of human connection as corporate culture is relationship culture.

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