What’s next after the Holy Pope’s visit?

ariel-nepmucenoTHE recent visit of Pope Francis to our country, which is Asia’s only predominantly Catholic nation, is definitely successful in any measurement. In fact, we are still relishing the victory of an almost flawless handling of this grand event. However, more important is the aftermath of this memorable visit. What shall we do after hearing the guidance and virtual admonition of the smiling Pope?

Perhaps, to hurdle the huge challenges that haunt our nation, from widespread poverty, to political inefficiencies, corruption in the bureaucracy, up to the un-competitiveness of our economy in the global arena, at least 10 resolutions must be adopted by the Filipinos in order to indeed claim that Pope Francis did not travel in vain.

  1. I shall faithfully pay my correct taxes to the government. No more alibis or rationalizations why I will not remit the appropriate share of the state thru the government. I fully understand and support the needs of the general public which can only be adequately funded if I sacrifice and , as the Bible quoted the Messiah, “give what is due to Caesar”.
  2. I will never bribe any public servant in any circumstance. No more easy way out from a traffic problem. Goodbye to facilitation money in order to cut corners in my government dealings. I fully acknowledge that the vicious cycle of bribery must cease and the culture of corruption does not serve my country well. I agree that corruption makes my government weak. And corruption makes my society loose its soul.
  3. I will obey simple traffic rules. No more king of the road attitude for me. I will observe courtesy on the road. I will stay on my lane and keep the correct distance from the car before me. I will follow the road signs and instructions like, for example, not passing through a one way street or turning left where I should not. I shall yield to a car that signals the driver’s intention to change lane. I agree that our public will be safer when our drivers are not reckless.
  4. I will keep my surrounding clean and never throw garbage on the streets nor to my neighbors backyard. No more “who cares” mentality since it is not the duty of the government to clean my mess. I will look for garbage bins, no matter how far, to properly dispose my cigarette butts, plastic cups, and other trashes. I agree that the entire country is my home and I must keep it clean.
  5. I shall take care of our foreign tourists and visitors. No more “not my concern” attitude towards our guests. They are the visitors of our home as a nation; I will consciously make them feel safe from petty crimes and abuses. I will help render to them the warmth of our hospitality. Besides, the revenues that they bring substantially help build our economy which would ultimately benefit our people.
  6. I will never sell my vote. Goodbye to accepting money in exchange for my vote. I will protect my constitutional right to cast my democratic choice for a political leader that I believe would best represent my interest.
  7. I will choose the right candidate during elections. No longer a beauty and popularity contest for me during elections. I will give premium to my single vote by carefully selecting the most qualified candidate who shall serve my country well. I believe that the election process is my best chance to help my country in managing our perennial problems.
  8. I will read the news and I will listen to relevant discussions. No more convenient apathy for me. I will show my utmost concern in our country’s dilemma. I will equip myself with the necessary knowledge so that I will never be vulnerable to abuses. I believe that a knowledgeable public is vigilant and strong in safeguarding its welfare.
  9. I shall join at least one civic organization. No more leaving in isolation. I can pursue my interest better and more effectively if I am with the right group. There is strength in numbers. I believe that our democratic system can only function well if organized citizens are acting as one big voice.
  10. I shall do my best to be spiritually strong. I will adhere to the correct values which I learned from my parents—to always take care of my neighbors, be honest and fair, and grab all opportunity to enjoy the silence of prayer.


The list of resolutions can be longer. That is most welcome provided, they are done consistently. The problems of our country can be slowly defeated if all of us shall consciously resolve that our common salvation as one society must begin in ourselves.


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