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Modeka to mount 27-artist exhibit at Xavier Art Fest 2023

INDEPENDENT contemporary art gallery and art consultancy Modeka Art will put up a sizeable group exhibition featuring 27 visual artists this weekend at Xavier Art Fest (XAF) 2023. This year’s edition of the annual event will run from January 27 to 29 at the Xavier San Juan Sports Center and Quadrangle.

From forms to colors to concepts

FOR the 2nd edition of The Manila’Bang Show that opens on Thursday, December 8, Art Elaan (@artelaan) presents three super-sized, genre-classified group exhibitions, featuring top Filipino artists.

Lazada PH’s 33-year-old CEO Carlos Barrera on learning, growing, shaping the ‘great equalizer’

A remarkable ascent in the corporate ladder fills the professional social-media page of Lazada PH’s CEO Carlos Otermin Barrera. After scrolling past details about his ongoing seven-year tenure with the e-commerce giant, however, wherein he mostly spent only two years in a post before getting promoted, an interesting tidbit about him sits in the education section.

A quest and a reflection

It’s a twin solo showcase for Silverlens Manila in November as Luis Lorenzana proceeds with his long-standing pursuit of understanding artistic expression, while Pow Martinez illustrates our collective recent past.

Cebuano realists in three solos

CEBUANO painters in solo showcases come in threes in Art Elaan’s latest exhibition line-up. The shows opened yesterday, September 26, and will be on view until October 15.

From the stillness, the story flows

Watercolorists gush over the multi-faceted allure of the medium. Some hail its luminosity and transparency, while others laud its immediacy. Meanwhile, not a few say watercolor painting is not so much about setting down paint as “releasing” it, with the colors having a stake in the outcome, leaving space for spontaneity and organic movement.

‘Strengthen your immunity day-by-day’

MANY remain guilty of having a “reactive or seasonal approach” when it comes to boosting one’s immunity. The idea of drinking a warm cup of calamansi juice, for example, no matter how healthy and easy to prepare it is, often only comes when one already feels an incipient cold.

Basketball, ‘taho’ and going hyperlocal

A CARTOONISH subject with blue complexion dons an orange bucket hat with shorts to match. He dashes past while spinning a basketball on his left index finger, as a cup of taho hovers on his head. Meanwhile, three other vibrant-skinned characters, this time women, personify Manila culture in one frame, featuring street food, street art, and—again—basketball.

Honoring Haring

“IT wouldn’t matter if you lived until you were 75,” Keith Haring, the iconic American pop artist who died in 1990 at age 31, once said. “There would still be new ideas. There would still be things that you wished you would have accomplished.”

Fiction’s truth-lie paradox, ‘throw away the thesaurus’ and other key takeaways

IMAGINATION transcends creating fantastic worlds and galaxies; it involves looking at small things from new perspectives as well. In terms of word selection, the simpler, the better. These are some of the literary tips and trade secrets imparted by two decorated figures in Philippine literature in a webinar over the weekend, titled “Aba, gusto mo pala magsulat!”

From front desk to gallery walls

Spencer Ozo would pass through Conrad Manila’s Gallery C every day feeling inspired by the artworks. When no one was around to appreciate the pieces, and when he was not attending to his duties as the hotel’s assistant front office manager, he would take his time to gaze upon the paintings, studying colors, techniques, stories.

From the vantage point of the wide-eyed

SMALL children take on gargantuan roles in the ongoing twin solo exhibitions of Galerie Stephanie. They get familiar with monsters, voyage into the unknown, and ultimately invite us to uncharted perspectives.

‘It should be about the process, not the result’

“WE don’t actually enjoy the final print,” National Artist Awards nominee for Visual Arts Fil Delacruz said of the thrill in printmaking. “[Rather], the artist, the printmaker, enjoys the process—the tedious process. It’s a technique that requires patience and determination for the pursuit of artistic excellence.”

‘Klimatotohanan’ asks: ‘Can art help save the planet?’

THE fortnightly webcast series of non-profit organization The Climate Reality Project Philippines, titled Klimatotohanan, joins the celebration of National Arts Month this February by centering its most recent episode on one question: “Can art help save the planet from the prevailing climate emergency?”

The value we place in vogue and memories

AN American men’s magazine posited earlier this month that today’s downtown scenesters—embraced in the fashion world for their avant-garde style characterized by slouchy blazers and fuzzed-up sweaters—trace their roots to stand-up personalities of yesteryears. It just so happens that the inspiration, the look of a “’90s comedian,” are “about the two least stylish words imaginable.”

Distort Monsters hits back and reclaims what’s his

EVERYTHING was set for the next solo exhibition of visual artist Distort Monsters. He had the dates secured and the pieces in place for a showcase that would further his transition from doing street art into gallery exhibits, while retaining his credibility as a street artist.

Where we feel safest

WHERE do you retreat when overcome by fear and anxiety? In the presence of loved ones? The corners of your thoughts? In the darkness of denial or the light of perspective?

Never for what it is

Subjectivity in art applies not only to how the audience consumes artworks. Artists, even in the infancy of the artmaking process, often perceive inspiration in ways other than what it simply means.

‘Pamana para sa mga susunod na henerasyon’

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) introduced last week the Gawad CCP Para sa Sining Folio, the official publication of the highest award given by the premier art institution to deserving Filipino artists and cultural workers.

ECQ 3.0: Gallery shutdowns, show extensions for Manila art spaces

THE latest omnibus guidelines released on August 6 by the IATF-EID (Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases) enumerate the essential establishments allowed to operate under the highest lockdown orders implemented in the National Capital Region. As was the case during the previous two enhanced community quarantine periods in NCR, not included in list are museums, galleries, and cultural shows and exhibits.

Neil Doloricon—artist, educator, Filipino

“THE art of Leonilo “Neil” Doloricon was from the very beginning honed as a weapon for crafting society as part of a much larger social movement,” reads the statement of IBON Foundation on the passing of the noted artist and educator, who was a long-time member of the organization’s Board of Trustees. “To the end of his days and through all his works that outlive his passing, there was no other kind of art to be made.”

The state of in-betweenness

Three solo shows that each deal with themes of transition and passage to some degree fill the latest exhibition lineup of Silverlens.

Garibay examines the past 500 years

IT was in 1521 when Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan reached Philippine shores under the banner of the Spanish Empire after pledging allegiance to King Charles I, following a fallout with Portugal’s King Manuel over rewards for his services. His arrival sparked more than three hundred years of Spanish rule and led to the establishment of a new religion in these parts.

Onto another dimension of design

THE prolific design career of Carlo S. Tanseco has seen him break through in the different sectors of the industry. From product design to furniture and commercial creations, the architecture graduate from the University of the Philippines pursues excellence with steely resolve and artistic flair in every venture.

Onto another dimension of design

THE prolific design career of Carlo S. Tanseco has seen him break through in the different sectors of the industry. From product design to furniture and commercial creations, the architecture graduate from the University of the Philippines pursues excellence with steely resolve and artistic flair in every venture.

Binong Javier makes a point

Understanding the life journey of visual artist Binong Javier reveals an important truth about his art. What appears to be cohesive explosions of colors—meticulously applied drop by painstaking drop—are actually a mapping of a constellation of experiences, wherein the artist highlights in equal parts the individuality of moments and the role they play in the big picture.

Sansó x Montegrande: The merging of visualized hopes

ON the wall of the Fundacion Sansó lobby in San Juan reads the words of the late critic Leo Benesa. “I realize that [Juvenal] Sansó’s subject matter is the ‘inner eye,’” the text goes, “the artist looking into himself.”

Sugarcoated realities in twin solo exhibits

WHAT passes at first glance as an innocent, surrealist depiction of a class picture of white-uniformed students reveals a grim element at closer inspection. Lurking in the background over the shoulder of one subject with a splitting face is the personification of death, its head tilted toward the direction of the unsuspecting young girls and its hallow eyes darted at their souls.