Gabbi Garcia, nag-commute? Gabbi surprises UV Express commuters with free coffee

UV passengers get “ganado” thanks to Gabbi and the Aromanamnam Express van of Great Taste White.

If you feel like mornings are a bit difficult sometimes, then you’re not alone. The heavy traffic of your morning commute could make you feel drained for the rest of your day. But the morning is also a great time to make your day better especially when you start it by feeling ganado or energized.

This is what commuters experienced after they found themselves sharing the same UV Express van with no other than actress Gabbi Garcia. And while her natural talent and charm should make anyone’s morning great—as she has demonstrated on her TV shows and movies, Gabbi came bearing a surprise that helped make her fellow commuters feel more energized.

On a Facebook video, Gabbi—along with three other TikTok content creators—was shown riding the Aromanamnam Express, a UV Express van that smelt like coffee from the inside. The hidden camera footage showed the passengers being energized by the aromatic coffee-scented air freshener before Gabbi revealed herself and greeted everyone from the front seat.

After revealing herself to the commuters, Gabbi gave everyone a box filled with Great Taste White sachets, a big mug, and coffee-scented hand fan to excite and help make their morning great.

Watch the full video here.

Actress Gabbi Garcia is the newest endorser of Great Taste White coffee, the first white coffee mix to be introduced in the Philippines.

Great Taste White delivers an “aromanamnam” (a combination of aroma and linamnam) feel with its warm and rich coffee aroma and taste, providing the recharge people need from morning to mid-day. It also comes in two other variants: Great Taste White Caramel and Great Taste White Crema.

Great Taste White is available in sari-sari stores, groceries, supermarkets, and convenience stores nationwide.

Stay updated on Great Taste White’s offerings by liking the Great Taste Coffee Facebook page.


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