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THE actor and the actress used to be an  item but they eventually drifted apart. But recently, they have been seen in each other’s company again. There is even a rumor the actress is now pregnant and the actor is the father. This isn’t the first time he will be a dad, if this rumor is true, but this is the actress’s first supposed pregnancy. The actress is known to be picky about dating and the actor is the only public figure she has dated openly. So when will they reveal the pregnancy, if it is true? This is exciting news because the couple is old enough and well-loved in many circles.


THE actress is working with the actor for the first time and she is slightly regretting her decision to do so. The actor also has creative control over his show and the actress, being more senior, thought she could inject some ideas of her own. But the actor did not take too kindly to this. He may seem pleasant and a bit dim in public but the actor is actually very astute when it comes to work and creative control. He does not like being second-guessed, nor does he appreciate unsolicited opinions. The actress only had the best intentions but now, she has realized that she should not have been so presumptuous.


THE actor is being wooed by a presidential candidate to be an endorser but he is hesitant to accept the offer for obvious reasons. The actor has always supported the candidate and his family quietly. This is because his family comes from the same region as the candidate. But with the ongoing cancel culture on social media and his existing advertising contracts, the actor is being very cautious. On the other hand, he is very tempted by the financial renumeration offered by the potential endorsement.


THERE are talks that a celebrity and her actor-boyfriend plan to tie the knot in 2022. This comes as no surprise since the celebrity and actor have been together for a while now. What is surprising is that the celebrity plans to get married ahead of her older sister, who got publicly engaged first. The couple has been through a lot together. They’ve been attacked on social media and the actor’s parents have not been spared from attacks, too. But they have stayed strong and loyal to each other.

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