Love is in the air: Google Trends reveal top searches for Valentine’s Day

Google search trends in Philippines show that more and more Filipinos are joining the celebration of love. In the country, Valentine’s Day has evolved to be a sweet occasion for couples, singles, and even young children – opening the opportunity to celebrate different types of love.

“Valentine’s isn’t just for celebrating the love between couples anymore. It’s truly becoming a season for all kinds of love,” says Geia Lopez, Google Philippines Industry Analyst.

To make the day extra special, Pinoys are going online on Google and YouTube to search for ways they can creatively express their affection for their loved ones. Geia adds, “With internet access becoming more mainstream, Filipinos are becoming more open and progressive with regards to their approach towards celebrating a very old holiday like Valentine’s.”

Expressing love in different forms

This year’s trends show that interest for Valentine’s Day is  coming from the 18 to 24 age range. These younger audiences are  actively searching  for love-related quotes, messages, cards, gift ideas, decorations, and even hugot. Kids are also participating during the month of love through arts and crafts, ‘’pranks” towards friends and siblings, and Valentine’s versions of their favorite songs such as Baby Shark. Other individuals are embracing self-love as being single registered as one of the rising search trends surrounding Valentine’s Day.

Getting in the mood for love

Valentine’s Day related search queries peaks a day before, but people usually begin looking for ideas a week prior the holiday. In YouTube, many users are looking for love songs playlists to get in the mood for love. There are also lovestruck consumers searching for DIY gift ideas videos, meanwhile the Gen Zers are watching Valentine’s-themed content including slime for Valentine’s, easy crafts for parents and teachers, and even Valentine’s Day pranks for their classmates.

These trends suggest that brands should go beyond and provide unique offerings that cater to various segments on Valentine’s Day. Google can help these small businesses be discoverable on Search to make it easy for consumers to avail of their products or services.


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