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Practical home workout equipment that won’t break the bank

The commercial gym scene has changed drastically since the onset of quarantines and lockdowns brought about by the pandemic. For one, they have ceased to operate in many parts of the country still under general community quarantine and enhanced community quarantine. Those allowed to operate in limited areas under modified GCQ are permitted to do so under stringent rules such as limited gym capacity, the wearing of face masks and physical distancing.

How gyms and fitness centers can help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus- 2019 (COVID-2019) at the start of the year, gyms and fitness centers have been the perfect breeding ground for contracting a viral, bacterial or fungal infection, if one is not careful.  After all, it is a place where exercise equipment and bathroom facilities are shared by strangers. Saliva droplets, moist bathroom surfaces, moldy mats and benches pose the risk of infection for a plethora of diseases.

Lifting tips for beginners

The benefits of lifting weights as part of a fitness regimen are countless. From increased functional strength to lifting your mood and improved aesthetics, a weight training program is a step in the right direction. Sure, the weights room can be quite intimidating for a newcomer with all the machines, contraptions and whatnot. 

Fitness in the time of the Novel Coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared that the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak that started in Wuhan, China, is a global health emergency. This means all nations must work together in stopping the spread of this new pathogen in order to prevent the widespread loss of life, most specifically in countries with vulnerable health-care systems.

PNP Chief orders men to shape up Four Weight Loss Tips For Cops

In a recent radio interview, Acting Philippine National Police Chief Lt. Gen. Archie Gamboa bared that 46 percent of the country’s 190,000 strong police force are either overweight (37 percent) or obese (9 percent), with 54 percent at their ideal body weight. This, as he ordered PNP members to get in shape, even warning obese and overweight members that they may not get their promotions if they fail to lose weight.

4 mistakes to avoid in the New Year

Twenty-nineteen, the year that is over and done with. Whatever failures and disappointments we may have had, we leave behind as we start anew. It’s 2020 and we are determined as ever to get our health and fitness goals on track. As we take in new knowledge, we also learn from past mistakes. Here are four of them that we should avoid this New Year.

Do Detox Footpads work?

Lately, my Facebook news feed has been flooded with sponsored posts promoting Detox Footpads. I have heard of this product some years back and by all indications they seem to be making a comeback. In an era of quick health and fitness fixes, this product does pack a lot of appeal.  

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Five muscle-building rules to live by

Building a muscular physique does not come easy. Hitting the gym a few times, lifting weights here and there will not make it happen. It’s a process that involves sacrifice, consistency and hard work. For those still willing to do what it takes, here are some rules of muscle-building to live by if swole is the goal.

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All is not lost for lung cancer patients

Many of us who commit to a healthy lifestyle will do what is necessary in pursuit of our commitment to ensure that we live healthy, productive lives for as long as our physical and mental faculties will allow. We exercise regularly, are mindful of what we eat, effectively manage stress and limit or avoid things that may adversely impact our health.

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Five tips for better sleep

An overlooked aspect when chasing one’s fitness goal is the need for adequate rest and recovery. While for the most part, we focus on exercise and nutrition, just as important is the need for our bodies to reboot in order to be in tip top shape for the next day.

Five tips for weight training success

So you’ve decided to start pumping iron and go for a more muscular look. Or perhaps your chosen sport requires you to bulk up to be more competitive. Lifting weights has countless benefits for both men and women. On top of this would perhaps be the aesthetics aspect.

Tips for better posture

At one point in our lives, we’ve been admonished by an elder to sit or stand up straight and avoid slouching. As it turns out, here happens to be wisdom in these words. Proper posture after-all, has been proven by science to have positive benefits on our health and well-being.

Gym-free travel workout you can do on the go

IF like me, you hate missing a workout, you’d be all too familiar with that feeling of disappointment of finding out the gym is closed—or when you are out of town for work or vacation and find out there isn’t a a gym in sight. Sure, our bodies need to rest and recover every once in a while. But you do need to stay consistent and find ways to get that pump when your body needs it. Personally, I prefer to work out even while on vacation. This helps offset the natural tendency to overeat and overindulge while on vacation.

Preventing muscle loss as we age

At around the age of 25, peak muscle mass and strength usually occurs for most individuals. Give or take a few years, this is the period where strength athletes or even weekend warriors will experience the height of their muscularity, along with their ability to move serious weight.

Plant-based burgers, anyone?

HAMBURGERS have always been synonymous with beef. What fast-food burger chain has not made the claim that their patties are made with 100 percent pure beef? A thick, juicy and savory hamburger is comfort food for a lot of people. And those beef patties are an excellent source of muscle-building protein.

Four common misconceptions about vegans

While there is no clear, available data on the number of vegans in the Philippines, they seem to be growing in number judging by the number of people I know who have embraced veganism. For purposes of clarity, veganism is adopting a lifestyle of not eating or using animal products.

Four tips for fat loss

ASK just about anyone what their fitness goal is, and most will say that it would be to lose body fat. Most of us, especially those approaching middle age, would want to be trimmer, leaner versions of ourselves.

10 Holiday gift ideas for the fitness buffs in our lives

Loads of chocolates, boxed cookies and those specialty cakes are being passed around this holiday season. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate those delectable sweet treats amid all the merrymaking? In fact, giving away food items has been a default setting for some of us makes things a whole lot simpler, except, of course, when the recipient is someone who embraces or is trying to embrace the fitness lifestyle.

Breakthrough lung-cancer medication shows promise

We try to work out and follow an exercise program not only to look good but to have an enhanced quality of life where are able to stay active and pursue activities that require a certain level of fitness as we age—traveling, trying out new sports and outdoor activities, keeping up with our kids and grandkids.

The dangers of overhydrating

WE are all too familiar with the benefits of drinking adequate water and staying hydrated. It is clearly established that we need to drink water on a daily basis for our bodies to properly function, more so if we engage in exercise and strenuous physical activity.

There are no shortcuts to six-pack abs

LATELY I have noticed the resurgence of ads—mostly on social media—of products and contraptions that lavishly promise six-pack abdominal muscles in just a  few minutes a day. Simply attach the device to your abdominal area, flick on a switch for a few minutes a day to burn away the fat, then voilà! Ripped abs on demand. Then there are the magic pills, the creams, the ab- crunch machines and whatnot.

Tips for breaking out of a bodybuilding plateau

Your body-transformation routine was off to a rip-roaring start. After signing up for the gym membership and lifting weights, you see some initial gains. You’re looking better in a tight shirt. You’ve improved, yes, but somehow you’re stuck with those initial gains and can’t seem to take it to the next level.

Lift to grow, not for show

THE temptation to lift the heaviest possible weight is greatest when you hit the gym with your ego in tow and wish to impress those sharing space with you in the confines of the health club.  But is that the best way to go?

Light weights for longer, leaner muscles?

The long and lean fitness model look. Male or female, most of us aspire for this. That look of long, toned muscles that aren’t too bulky or too skinny equals body goals for an overwhelming majority. I often hear of people saying they are lifting light weights in order to achieve that toned and lean look. This school of thought is pervasive and has often been repeated, even by fitness trainers.

Getting juiced

THE term “getting juiced” or juicing up” is bodybuilding slang for using anabolic steroids to build muscle mass, enhance athletic performance, or both. But, this rather unhealthy practice, which research has shown causes far more negative effects that greatly outweigh its benefits, is not the subject of today’s column.

Four reasons you haven’t achieved your dream summer body

IT’S a vicious cycle indeed. After the feasting in December, we resolve to look good in time for summer. With enough grit and hard work, it is likely that we hit our targets. But sometimes, we fall off the mark and come up just a bit short, or sometimes miss the mark by the widest of margins. We’ve given it our all, but sometimes, we just can’t seem to hit that sweet spot. But why? Here are some possible reasons:

Monitoring your heart rate during exercise

Before undertaking an exercise program, most especially one that will involve cardiovascular exercises, such as running and cycling, among others, it is important to understand the concept of monitoring our heart rates—or the number of times our hearts beat per minute—in order to help us achieve our fitness objectives and exercise in a safe manner.

The only way to lose weight and burn fat

Everyone will have their own idea about weight loss. “Just stop eating rice,” says your coworker. “Do sits-ups every day,” says your uncle, with absolute confidence in his folksy wisdom. Others will tell you that this or that supplement will have you shedding fat in no time. Then there are the various diets and eating techniques: Atkins, Paleo, Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting—the list goes on.

Eight small fitness victories to celebrate in 2017

The year 2017 may, or may not have been the year we achieved our fitness goals or sculpted out our ideal bodies. The desire to be fitter, better versions of ourselves is something ingrained in each and every one of us. Then comes an avalanche of varying priorities fighting for space in our lives, leaving a fitness program in the backburner.

More strategies for fighting the holiday bulge

WE are thick into the season of endless feasting. This is quite evident from the all too familiar yuletide carols being blared out at malls and other public spaces. In the weeks to come, this will become all too apparent as our pants begin to tighten from attending all the parties and indulging in the Christmas treats sent our way by friends and well-wishers.

The benefits of lifting weights

THE benefits of cardiovascular exercise, such as running, swimming and walking, among others, are widely known. From helping us live longer to lifting our mood and helping fight off various diseases, cardio is in no need of a barker to harp on its positive effects on the human body.

Is (unli)-rice the enemy of a fit lifestyle?

A recent pronouncement by Sen. Cynthia A. Villar raising the possibility of banning unlimited-rice promos in various fast-food chains in the country led to a thunderstorm of criticism from Filipinos who seemingly tend to enjoy the privilege of having their meals sans anyone limiting their rice intake.

How to turn fat into muscle

The simple answer is, you simply can’t transform fat into muscle. Fact is, no amount of working out, state-of-the-art gym equipment—or alchemy—can turn fat into muscle. Fat and muscle are two separate entities as distinct as skin is to bone.

Five tips on proper gym behavior

WHEN we finally decide to make that commitment to sign up for a gym or health club membership, we bring ourselves one step closer to realizing our fitness goals. Thoughts and ideas will soon be translated into reality. The gym is, indeed, the right place for that.