Martin Nievera’s 40 years of fabulous music

Martin Nievera

THIS year is doubly special for singer Martin Nievera. First, he turned 60, and, second, he is celebrating his 40th year in the entertainment industry.

“I am officially a senior citizen!” he enthused, adding, “I’m excited to receive all the perks. But seriously I am beyond gratitude for reaching this far, and celebrating these milestones. Music and performing have been both my sources of happiness all these years.”

It has now been four decades since Nievera decided to try out the Philippine music scene.

He considers himself lucky to have been given the red carpet welcome when he flew in from the United States, being the son of his late balladeer father, Bert Nievera.

“Everything fell into place. After I won the statewide talent competition in California, after being chosen to join the choir that will sing with Barry Manilow, I made the big realization that I wanted to become a singer. Then coming to Manila to explore whatever opportunities might be there for me, everything unravelled so naturally one after the other, and, whew, it has been 40 years since then!”

Nievera found himself cohosting the late-evening variety show Penthouse Live with Pops Fernandez, not knowing that she will eventually become his wife. Their love story was followed by many, and their concerts were filled to the rafters.  The two were honored with the titles Concert King and Queen, which up to this day were never relinquished to anyone in the Philippine music scene.

It was Vic del Rosario, former president of Vicor Music Corp. and now top honcho of Viva Entertainment, who got Nievera his first big recording deal. His single “Be My Lady” became a massive hit, and he was also instrumental in creating monster hits for songs like “Each Day with You,” “Pain,” “Please Don’t Throw My Love Away,” “Say That You Love Me,” “Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin,” “Forever” and “You are My Song” which were all part of the 28 albums he recorded.

With his skyrocketing popularity, Nievera also dabbled into acting for a while, but music and performing always lured him back to the big stage, where he was always at his best.

All these years, Nievera has withstood the test of time and has successfully hurdled many of life’s challenges, in both his personal and professional life. He continues to deliver his best with each song that he sings, with every performance that he agrees to do, and in every show where he is featured.

To celebrate his 40th year, Nievera will have a special concert on Saturday, November 19, at The Theatre at Solaire. Billed as M4D, it will be a night of fun, fantastic, festive, familiar and fabulous music, a reminder to everyone of the icon that Martin Nievera has become.


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