2021 Philippine Rallycross Series winners awarded

From left) Rikki Dy-Liacco from AAP, Ronnie Trinidad from PHRX, Paul Santos (Group 4 3rd Place), Steve Acayan (Group 4 1st Place), Alex Gonzales (Group 4 3rd Place), and Olson Camacho from PHRX.

LONG-running motorsport event Philippine Rallycross (PHRX) Series recently awarded the winners of the 2021 Rallycross Season. Held at the Two Bott’s Resto Bar Co., in Southwoods Ecocentrum in Biñan, Laguna, the awarding ceremony finally took place after several postponements due to the pandemic.

Ran mainly on a specially laid-out dirt track at the Clark Global City in Pampanga, the 2021 Rallycross Series was held over 12 rounds that flagged off in March 2021. However, due to random lockdowns and IATF restrictions, the 2021 Season dragged on until the following year, with the final round running in April 2022.

(From left) Rikki Dy-Liacco from AAP, Mon Dimapilis (Open Class 3rd Place), Patrick Ng (Open Class 1st Place), Dindo de Jesus (Open Class 2nd Place), Ronnie Trinidad from PHRX, and Olson Camacho from PHRX.

Established in 2015, PHRX aims to revive rally motorsports in the Philippines. The race format is in a close course track environment stretching up to three kilometers. The best time is determined by combining the top two runs in a three-run, drop one-run system. There are two rounds in a day’s event. The first round is for a daytime stage, followed by a nighttime stage.

There are different categories for the race series. Group 1 is for vehicles with engine displacements 1300cc and below, followed by Group 2 from 1301cc to 1600cc. Then Group 3 is for 1601cc to 1900cc, followed by Group 4, which is for 1901cc and up. Notably, the AAP Driver of the Year awardee will come from the Group 3 class division, while the Golden Wheel Driver of the Year for Rallycross awardee will come from Group 2 class division.

(From left) Rikki Dy-Liacco from AAP, Pauline Barrenchea (Ladies’ Class 3rd Place), Kathy Villar (Ladies’ Class 1st Place), EZ Ligaza representing Elysse Menorca (Ladies’ Class 2nd Place), Olson Camacho from PHRX, and Ronnie Trinidad from PHRX.

Other classes included are the Four-Wheel Drive class, Rear Wheel Drive class, UV Class, and an Open class. Ultimately, overall champions are awarded at the end of the season. Included for this season were Novice and Ladies’ Classes. PHRX organizers Olson Camacho, Ronnie Trinidad, and Eggay Quesada led the awarding ceremony, which the Rallycross participants attended. 

The 2021 Philippine Rallycross Series was made possible by Clark Global City, Phoenix Pulse Technology, and Isuzu Philippines Corp. Other company supporters are Accelera Tires, Autoplus Sports, Method Race Wheels, Ironman 4×4 PH, Tyron Runflat, Armormax, Impenetra, CW Home Depot, Aguila Glass, AC Delco, Atoy Customs, Clark Development Corp., JS Mina Audio  Sound System, Two Bott’s Resto Bar, Pradera Verde, Martin DV, Motoring Today, Autocar Philippines, and Wheels Philippines.

Image credits: PHRX


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