Keiko Necesario shares inspiration behind new single ‘Right Next to You’

Keiko Necesario

Keiko Necesario is not afraid to put herself in extraordinary circumstances to perfect her sound. Late last year, Keiko eventually found herself traveling to London to work with UK producers Chasing Fantasia.

She now gives her fans a glimpse into her new music. With the global crisis hitting the music industry, it’s more important than ever to support Filipino artists. Some artists are slowing down while others are finding more access to reach out to their fans. Considering these quieter times, we took the chance to talk to Keiko about her new single “Right Next to You”, her inspirations, and the importance of looking back.

Music has the power to inspire and shine a light on our darkest days. On what inspired Keiko to write “Right Next to You”, which is set to serve as the first taste of her new album, she said, “I wrote ‘Right Next To You’ with an idea of a God-given love in mind; a love that is bonded by the truth of His plans and His will that it will never be broken… Mark 10:9, ‘What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate’. When I wrote this back in 2018, I was single… and I was waiting for a long time; 29 years to be exact and I had to think of a way to express or maybe describe the feeling of finally, someone coming into my life and sharing with that person my blessings, my learnings, my pains, and most definitely my joys. That’s how I had to relate my personal journey to my songwriting, to not just write about my past or present but also, about my future. And I think I have found it. I found him.”

Carrying an ambient vibe, “Right Next to You” exposes the power and beauty of Keiko’s production while maintaining her signature emotive sound. The singer’s emotion is front and center in “Right Next to You,” her affecting vocals supported by impeccable instrumentation. It’s the first song off her upcoming album Ready, Let Go, and the first she ever recorded with Chasing Fantasia. When asked how she decided on her carrier single, she explained, “This was the very first track we recorded in Baguio for the sophomore album, so it set the mood and vibe of the whole body of work. “Right next to you” has such a powerful sound and message that I think captured what this album speaks about, just by it being the first track.

From the first line in the chorus, “I found home when I found you,” this says a lot about my journey now as a human being with dreams and hopes and goals and a purpose. I found home when things came together and they all fell into place according to God’s plans and perfect time.” With herself and her fans in mind, she continued to explain the kind of takeaway that she wants to impart to her listeners. “I’m proud of the way it was written, the way it was recorded, and the way it turned out. I have envisioned for the impact of this song to be about a reminder of LOVE in whatever form they think it is.”

Talking more about the people behind her song, she said, “I fully wrote this song, but I cannot take full credit on how it turned out because first of all, Warner and my manager, Graham Perkins, made a way for me to meet incredibly talented people—my producers Chasing Fantasia whom I am so grateful for. They worked and listened to my vision until my song came to life. These people helped me create this beautiful version of my song which started from just a thought.”

Keiko sure has come a long way, from writing songs at the age of 7, to independently producing her first album in 2015. On looking back over her early years as an artist, she said, “There are many things in my life that have surprised me in so many ways but there were always these two constant things that have been there: God and my season of waiting… whatever I go through or I’m going through, the details of my journey will always be a surprise but the big picture is always clear—there’s always a purpose.”

Keiko Necesario’s upcoming album Ready, Let Go comes out later this year. Follow her and Warner Music Philippines on Facebook for more updates.


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