Car insurance–ensured

In Photo: The easy-to-use GoBear web site

MORE often than not, new Filipino car buyers find themselves at a crossroad on what car insurance to get. They encounter dilemmas in looking for the right one that suits their needs and even often suffer at the mercy of perplexingly choosing between lucrative offers.

Good thing GoBear Philippines recently just launched a product that aims to solve the problem through their web site 

The metasearch engine has just introduced its car-insurance service program, which goal is to personalize the experience while, at the same time, making it hassle-free and convenient than ever.

“We entered auto insurance in the Philippines since we find it hard for consumers to get the right quote that they need for their newly bought cars,” said Rommel Torres, GoBear Philippines country director.

“Here, we’re helping the consumers to be financially literate and, thus, giving them all the options they want,” he continued.

GoBear’s easy-to-use interface (both on mobile and desktop) provides car owners with side-by-side comparison of quotes and benefits corresponding to their preferred specific vehicles and needs.

The process is simple: Go to the web site, type in the vehicle information (year, manufacturer, model and variant), intended use (private or for hire), whether you’re still paying for its loan, and your preferred amount. Once done, simply submit the data and you’ll be presented with quotes from most of the insurance providers suited to your needs.

“You’ll get 80 percent of the car-insurance providers. That’s 13 right now,” Torres stated.

“It’s very easy to use and it’s straightforward.” Each one is linked to coverage details and a form is provided just in case the customer is interested. “There’s no hard sell. That’s what’s unique with our product. It’s the first-ever of its kind in the country,” he continued.

The mission of the service is to help provide consumers with control and assurance over their financial decisions.

“We strengthen our commitment to give the power of choice to Filipinos through the launch of our newest financial service—car-insurance comparison,” he said.  Users can now get the best auto insurance policy that suits their needs and gives the best value for their money.”

Aside from this, GoBear Philippines offers three more other products: personal loans, credit card and travel insurance.  GoBear started in Singapore and now thrives in four more other countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

“GoBear was conceived based on an idea of a totally transparent online search platform to compare insurance,” once shared GoBear Founder and serial entrepreneur Andre Hesselink in another article.

The company  was conceptualized after Hesselink himself encountered problems in purchasing an insurance plan for his car in Singapore through the usual traditional route.

On why the name “GoBear”, he said:  “That’s the fun part! We wanted a company name that would have a mascot and everyone wanted a bear. And GoBear also means going bare. We are laying it all out for our consumers.”

“We help customers make well-informed decisions about what to buy and also where to buy because, keep in mind, a metasearch engine doesn’t sell anything, so we are completely unbiased.”

The start-up company aspires  to introduce more up-to-date products using our own local web site for them to be able to continue creating a reputation  as “one of the fastest-growing fintechs” in the industry, referring to financial technology.

Image Credits: Ronald Rey M. de los Reyes