DHSUD @ 3: Providing decent homes to Filipino families

QUEZON CITY – From an infant slowly treading the growth phase in small steps, the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) is slowly leaping with calculated strides toward meaningful development as it enters its third year in serving the Filipino people.

Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, the Department is once again commemorating its creation following President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s signing of Republic Act 11201 on February 14, 2019, branding DHSUD as a “gift of love” to majority of Filipino families who wished to have a house of their own.

This year’s theme “Providing decent homes for Filipino families” aptly embodies the Department’s mark as a beacon of hope in establishing sustainable, resilient and affordable housing communities for every family who wish to have a house of their own.

With its key shelter agencies and other partners, DHSUD has been adamant in crafting and delivering innovative policies and programs that revolutionize the housing and urban development sector.

The celebration of DHSUD@3 will showcase the past year’s milestones and the ways we strategize as we embark on a new year, three times ready to face the challenges that we commit to as catalysts of positive change in the management of housing, human settlements and urban development.

Model housing

The Department and its KSAs have been working meticulously in producing quality housing projects for rightful beneficiaries.

In recent months, DHSUD has launched and turned over resettlement facilities with subdivision-like development and high-quality standard units. These include three-story Marangal Village Homeowners Association Inc. High Density Housing (HDH) in Brgy. Longos, Malabon City and the four-story Samahang Magkakapitbahay Na Nagkakaisa HOA Inc. HDH in Brgy. San Agustin, Novaliches, Quezon City.

DHSUD Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario described the Social Housing Finance Corporation-led resettlement facilities, turned over to 374 informal settler families in November last year, as “housing projects we can be proud of.”

Dozens of other housing projects spearheaded by other KSAs are also ongoing and all of them boast of well-cemented pavements, drainage systems and public facilities such as multi-purpose covered courts and daycare centers – part of DHSUD’s mandate in establishing sustainable communities across the country.

Only recently, Secretary Del Rosario broke ground for land development of new housing projects in little-known municipalities in Nueva Ecija and Laguna, indicating the government’s commitment to reach the grassroots in providing decent yet affordable homes.

Fruitful 2021

DHSUD kept the ball rolling in posting significant milestones last year despite numerous challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic and major natural calamities.

The approval of the 20-year National Housing and Urban Development Sector Plan institutionalizes our holistic and strategic approach to harmonize programs and policies among our key players toward “sustainable housing and well-planned communities for all Filipinos.”

Moreover, DHSUD adopted stringent measures to protect homebuyers and bolstered its campaign against real estate scammers, paving the way for deeper coordination with relevant government agencies.

DHSUD also spearheaded the crafting of a Joint Memorandum Circular on the Federation and Confederation of Homeowners Associations to maximize the potentials of more than 25,000 registered HOAs in contributing to nation-building.

In support of local housing projects, DHSUD has finalized twenty-one Memorandums of Agreements with various LGUs from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao last year that would benefit more than 6,000 families – some have already been turned over to the intended beneficiaries.

The Department likewise tapped various media platforms to further promote the government’s housing programs and encourage engagements among its stakeholders.

DHSUD ended 2021 with the approval of three Department Orders (DOs), namely, DO-2021-008 or guidelines in the issuance of temporary license to sell to private developers, DO-2021-009 which allows the extension of the period of completion of projects and DO-2021-010 which adopts and implements the BALAI Filipino Public Rental Housing as alternative secure housing tenure.

Impressive performances from KSAs

The KSAs – namely the Pag-IBIG Fund, the National Housing Authority (NHA), the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC), the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC) and the Human Settlements Adjudication Commission (HSAC) – also achieved magnanimous performances last year, ensuring the continued delivery of housing and urban development-related services despite numerous challenges.

The Pag-IBIG Fund disbursed P97.28-billion worth of housing loans to 94,533 members and doled out P44.3 billion short-term loans to over two million members last year. Membership savings, meanwhile, surged by 32% to P63.7 billion last year and MP2 savings ballooned to P25.95 billion – the highest since 2012.

Meanwhile, the NHA completed 44,986 housing units catering mostly to ISFs and victims of natural calamities and conflict-hit areas nationwide. The housing agency likewise kicked off construction for 36,679 more shelter facilities across the country in 2021.

SHFC, on the other hand, released P1.94-billion worth of loans based on 41 projects, including through its Community Mortgage Program (CMP), that benefitted 9,539 ISFs across the country.

For 2021, the NHMFC facilitated P1.09-billion worth of housing loan takeout that paved the way for the construction of 1,087 housing units nationwide under its various housing programs, including the notable BALAI Berde designed to increase capital allocations for green projects that contribute to environmental sustainability and resiliency.

Finally, the HSAC meted out 1,049 decisions on housing-related cases and resolved 150 HOA disputes. It likewise posted a 94% accomplishment rate with regards to decisions elevated to and affirmed in the Court of Appeals.

Setting direction

This year, DHSUD will definitely not rest on its laurels in fulfilling its mandate despite the nearing end of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s term.

The Department is bent on achieving its key directives that include the completion of priority housing projects, ramping up housing production and finance in line with the Philippine Development Plan and Sustainable Development Goals, formulation of policies and guidelines to streamline housing permits and processes, promotion of effective land use among LGUs and the development of internal systems and processes to strengthen institutional capacities.

Part of DHSUD’s mandate is to guide and manage future developments though proper coordination with local government units and other stakeholders. This also includes the constant assessment and updating of existing policies and framework concerning urban planning and designs, particularly in disaster-prone areas. With its regional offices, the Department vows to continue cementing stronger partnerships with LGUs nationwide, especially in revising their respective Comprehensive Land Use Plans, Local Shelter Plans and Zoning Ordinances.

To effectively do this, DHSUD will strengthen its institutional capacities and streamline its internal systems and processes to better serve its clientele.


The three-day anniversary celebration will feature simple yet meaningful activities, still following the IATF-prescribed health protocols. The program will open on February with no less than the housing czar himself and the heads of DHSUD KSAs. The DHSUD Hymn will also be launched as a highlight of the event.

On February 15, Secretary Del Rosario and the KSA heads will open the exhibit titled “Serbisyong pabahay, sagot namin ka-BALAI” featuring human settlements and urban development frontline services of the Department, its attached agencies and partner-developers. This will be followed by a press conference to answer queries from media partners and elaborate on the thrusts and direction of the housing sector this year.

A special episode “Kapihan sa DHSUD: Housing Matters” forum will be held on February 16 with the Subdivision and Housing Developers’ Association, Inc. to discuss the significance of private-public partnerships in the housing sector. An employees’ night will follow to honor notable civil servants in the Department, including those who departed.

Various events and activities organized by the DHSUD’s regional offices and partner-developers are also slated during the event’s duration in their respective areas.

After three years, DHSUD has indeed overcome the birth pains and is now getting ready for the next stage. Though there remain a few stumbling blocks, the Department is more than willing to take on the challenge. With a committed workforce, the sky is the limit when it comes to delivering shelter-related services to the public.

Happy 3rd anniversary, Team DHSUD!

DHSUD-Public Assistance Service


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