AutoDeal allows car purchase via web site

AutoDeal, an online marketplace for vehicles, has become the first digital platform to allow Filipinos to buy cars and pay for the reservation fees directly on its web site.

Christopher Franks, the co-founder of AutoDeal, said the new “Buy Online” feature simplifies and streamlines the process of purchasing a vehicle, as AutoDeal handles the nitty-gritty of the purchasing process. Through their smartphones, consumers may purchase a vehicle of their liking by reserving a unit and keying their details, including their dealership of choice. Customers will then be prompted to make their reservation payment through the web site’s preferred payment gateways including PayPal, PayPal Credit, MasterCard, and GCash.

Once the payment has been confirmed via text or e-mail, a partner sales representative will contact the buyers to discuss the options available to complete the payment, such as direct cash or auto loan.

Franks noted that while customers may still opt to visit the dealership if they wish, this new feature provides them with an easily accessible option. “Through this new innovation, we extend to our customers the ability to have a more seamless, faster, and more convenient car buying process. We believe that this new web site feature will not only offer a safer and a more fitting way for consumers to shop but will provide dealers with a more streamlined and cost-effective method to serve their clients,” he said.

He noted that this innovation is driven by the growing demands for more convenient options for buying cars.

“In 2019, we saw consumer activities that potentially mark the beginning of a paradigm shift in buying trends. On the business side, online penetration is growing, with brands investing more heavily in their online channel than ever before,” said Franks.


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