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YOUNG people walk into a bar. Sensing they are minors the bartender asks which generation they belong to. They said “Y to Z.”

The bartender said, “There’s a reason I need to see.”

Many are expected not to get the joke. Many are also expected not to get, or understand, Millennials (Generation Y) and members of the Generation Z.

Many of us in the older generations, the Baby Boomers and the Gen-X, were also placed under such misunderstanding when we were young. Some couldn’t understand the hippies, those wearing unbuttoned denim jackets over bare chests. Some could neither get nor understand the yuppies in the “New Wave” and the metrosexuals.

Some couldn’t understand Millennials, saying they’re self-entitled and lack the life-skills to survive conflicts.

Hence, the BusinessMirror began a platform for the Millennials in 2014 to help many understand. This is so because, as John Locke said, “understandings and comprehensions are suited to our own survival and the purposes of our own lives.” (“An Essay Concerning Human Understanding”)

And I believe it is only by understanding things, relationships and experiences that affect our lives could we become more appreciative of our humanness, of our being human.

This journey, however, could only be more meaningful if members of the Gen Y and the Gen Z could help this platform “Y2Z” grow. Thus, we plan to ask campus papers to contribute articles and stories they think could help many to understand these two generations.

Through the help of many young people, I believe it would not be a bumpy ride.




Image credits: Nuvolanevicata | Dreamstime.com


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