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ARE you living your life to the fullest? Do you wish you had more freedom? Or do you wish you had more adventure and more time to do them? There are just too many things that we want to do, don’t we? Like exploring our country’s 7,100 islands other than experiencing them from the skies above?

Cirrus Brand Ambassador and CEO of FoilaFly Lester Codog

Well, there is a better way to explore these beautiful islands, like Palawan, Boracay, Siargao, Cebu, Bohol, Iloilo and Davao, etc.

If you are the type of people who have hectic schedules and are always on the go with your favorite motto that goes “Time is gold” then, every second counts. Here in the Philippines, where the worsening traffic jams are expected to progress to a standstill, people are looking for alternative means of transportation that can take them to their destination in just a matter of minutes. Is it possible? Of course.

Why go through the hassle and stress of traffic when you can fly by jet?

FoilaFly, a division of Foilacar Industries, is set to carve new roads in the local market with its Aero Club. With aircraft facilities in Manila, Bulacan and Clark manned by professional and trained personnel, FoilaFly is a fight training center that provides aircraft rental/ownership for recreational pilots. With its corporate offices situated at the business hub of Pasig City on Brixton Street, Barrio Ugong, FoilaFly offers services similar to a full-service Fixed-Base Operator Membership, which allows an individual to use the airplanes and facilities for recreational flying and flight training.

Cirrus SR20

Currently, the FoilaFly Aero Club fleet consists of four single-engine Cirrus airplanes: two SR20s and two SR22s. “Our aim is to bring flying closer to bigger spectrum of the target market. This is a lifestyle- and business-oriented flying club,” explained Lester Codog, Cirrus brand ambassador and CEO of FoilaFly.

Prior to the establishment of the Aero Club, Codog is a trained and licensed pilot and underwent an extensive flight training of the Cirrus airplane in the US. “Every member will have to undergo flight training for three months, or 40 to 50 flying hours, before the member is allowed to fly his own aircraft,” Codog added. The Aero Club also offers services to those members who previously own Cirrus aircraft. Some of these member-services include tie-downs, 24-hour fuel availability, and a guarded hangar for safety and security.  The Aero Club conforms with Cirrus Standards, and is now undergoing a certification process required by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines for the club to legally operate domestic flights.

As a member of the FoilaFly Aero Club, you are given access to great destinations around the country. In a matter of minutes, you will be in scenic and postcard- perfect locations—all in the comforts of your own Cirrus aircraft. “Plans are under way for the purchase of two more Cirrus planes, a personalized SR22 with matching leather seats, alcantara dashboard, plus all the bells and whistles,” Codog said. A Cirrus vison jet will be included in the purchase.

The SR cockpit offers synthetic vision, Garmin autopilot with flight director, and satellite weather to onscreen approach plates

“The Cirrus G6 is the smartest, safest and most advanced model ever of the best-selling SR22T, SR22 and SR20 piston airplanes,” Codog said. “As soon as you start the engine, every safety feature and engine are checked, which you can see in the cockpit.” The benchmark for high-performance, single engine aircraft has been uniquely raised once again by Cirrus Aircraft to include the just-unveiled, ultra-high-speed Cirrus Perspective by Garmin flight deck, luxury automotive-inspired Cirrus Spectra wingtip lighting, premium cockpit connectivity solutions and more. The Cirrus SR22 is equipped with a whole-plane emergency-recovery parachute system: the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). This has contributed to its market success, and has given it the name “the plane with the parachute”.

This sixth-generation Cirrus is available for order immediately and customer deliveries are under way. “G6 is the result of the most innovative, capable and feature-rich set of upgrades we have ever applied to the entire SR product line,” said Todd Simmons, president, customer experience.

“The word ‘comprehensive’ best describes the depth and breadth of all the improvements in G6 as the completely redesigned and fully integrated user interface and lightning-quick speed of the brand-new Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck is noticeable from the moment you power up. Perspective+ instantly adds game-changing capabilities to G6—from connectivity to safety to navigation—and gives our owners and operators a completely elevated ground, preflight, cabin and in-flight experience.” Simmons continued, “G6 is also the brightest Cirrus ever, as the new state-of-the-art Cirrus Spectra wingtips deliver unrivaled visibility and commanding presence both in the air and on the ramp.

The reality is the improvements in G6 taken altogether are a window into our design and development values at Cirrus Aircraft. While the new features brought by G6 are both innovative and compelling, they are equally intentional and customer-centric when it comes to real steps forward in capability, performance, style and safety improvements.”

Now, what are you waiting for? Fly your own jet and explore the beautiful islands in the Philippines. The kind of lifestyle that used to be enjoyed only by the rich and the famous can be yours. Visit www.foilacarmanila.com for more information.

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