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  • Kojie-san, nation’s favorite whitening soap

09242015 (7)Most women will probably do anything to achieve that lighter and fairer skin. As they say, women with light complexion are prettier, a moot or sometimes a fact that is hard to contend.

The biggest concern on products like these is the excessive amount of bleach, acid, mercury and even the worst bleaching agent that can cause harm than good.

However, one reliable brand can proudly say that it is safe, affordable and most effective without the damaging whitening elements—Kojie-san.

Kojie-san, the pioneer in kojic soap, is probably the hottest whitening soap available in almost every supermarket today. From a single soap inspired by the sinuous Japanese skin, Beauty Element Ventures Inc., (BeviI) it has created revolutionary products that changed many loyal users perspective in life and found confidence in their awakened beauty.

Bevi’s Kojie-san has proven its efficacy in lightening the skin. Since it’s introduction to the market in 2006, Kojie-san has always been true and honest to its promise—effective, safe and quality lightening products that contain high-grade kojic acid.

It’s phenomenal growth in the market not only in the Philippines but in other parts of Asia, Middle East and Europe is a strong indication that Kojie-san is the brand to trust when it comes to lightening products that contain kojic acid because Kojie-san only uses high-grade quality kojic acid.

Some Kojie-san products that suit the need of health and beauty-conscious Filipinos include body wash for men, sun care for children, antiaging facial moisturizer for both sexes, cellulite-control soap and  several others. The company is unrelenting in developing new products that are safe, affordable and authentic.

There are more than 30 other whitening soap available in major and minor outlets, all competing to gain the customer’s acceptance, but Kojie-san has managed to stay ahead of everyone despite their conservative advertising efforts. Although its owners believe in the power of a proper marketing campaign, but they also believe that credibility is more important.

In short, it is as good as advertised. It is true to what is says about its products. The testimonial of its users and patron is its sole marketing platform or vehicle. It was launched nine years ago without fanfare, without the help of any media, not even on facebook or any other social media.

“We are thankful to our customers who have been very loyal and have been with us all these years, we just feel that it is our duty to remind them and the public, in general, to be really careful in buying their beauty products because there are people who want to take advantage of their situation by counterfeiting our brands, you’ll be amazed even the packaging is virtually the same,” Bevi Marketing Head, Tricia Gregorio says.

Gregorio cautions the public not to be lured by products that bank on the signature look of Kojie-san and to be sure that they are buying the original kojic soap in the market, this is what she has to say, “Kojie-san is manufactured and distributed only by Bevi. They need to check out the packaging, don’t buy it if it looks dubious.”


  • A warehouse made by pet lovers, for pet lovers

09242015 (6)In the Philippines, approximately 10 million households have pets. Despite that huge number, most Pinoy pet parents would agree that when it is time to stock up on supplies, choices are limited and distanced far apart. That is, until now. Pet food, toys, grooming and luxury items are now just a click away with Pet Warehouse.

Pet Warehouse is an online pet store with currently 200 products on their site, and will offer 2,000 products by year’s end. Found on, the site caters to all categories and all pets because the people behind it believe that having the biggest variety is one of the many ways they can provide convenience and service to their customers.

Camille Sarte of Pet Warehouse shared that when they first started the company early this year, listening to customers was key and that they have evolved since based on suggestions. “Now we have a clearer idea that our customers want service and variety above all. They want us to be their one-stop shop, always asking us to carry more of the products that they buy already,” she shared.

Aside from variety, the company boasts that it is a retail business made by pet lovers, for pet lovers. With this deep understanding, customer care is their number one priority. Sarte further shares, “We pay absolute attention to every customer, we know most of their pets by name. When we deliver, we ensure it is at the most convenient time for the customer. If it is a heavy bag, we won’t just carry it to the door; we will help them until where they need it. Our reviews on our Facebook page tell a better story than I can.”

Convenience is also what keeps their customers wagging their tails for more. Pet Warehouse is open 24/7, offers easy returns, fast and free shipping in Metro Manila, and reasonable shipping rates nationwide. Best of all, shopping on this site has huge payment options, one of which is Dragonpay, known in the industry as a provider of wide payment methods to online shoppers. Because of it, customers can pay for their purchases through online banking, or over the counter at 4,000 outlets nationwide.

Partnering with Dragonpay stemmed from the understanding that most of their online customers do not have credit cards. “Dragonpay helps us, help our customers,” Sarte states.

As their online business continues to grow, the company would eventually like to set up a foundation to help aspins (asong Pinoy) and puspins (pusang Pinoy).

Get the pick of the litter when it comes to shopping for your furry family members by visiting


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