10 insider tips an Anthropologie stylist knows (and you don’t)

By Sophie Miura  |  Domaine

MOST brands interpret or mimic trends, but a select few have the authority to go a step beyond and create them. One such powerhouse is Anthropologie. Every season the brand anticipates the pieces we’ll covet for our homes—and always gets it right.

Given the store’s presence and ability to make or break trends, we wondered: Who are the people behind the brand who have such a strong influence on our homes? Christina Frederick, Anthropologie’s customer styling director, and Anne White, lead home stylist, are two such creatives who are tasked with staying ahead of the curve. The duo leads the décor- styling service, offering insider advice and practical tips to recreate the brand’s enviable aesthetic at home.

Here, they answer our burning home-décor questions, from the only trends we need to know for fall and winter to their top trick for layering patterned accents with ease. Take note: Here’s everything you need to know to decorate your home like an Anthropologie stylist.

What are your top trend predictions for fall and winter?

Christina Frederick (CF): Velvet, marble and mixing materials! Velvet can be incorporated into the home at varying degrees. You can introduce a touch of velvet with a small throw pillow or create a bold statement with a velvet chair or sofa. I love the idea of velvet dining chairs as a luxurious update to an existing table. Marble is also a great way to update your entertaining pieces and serveware. A marble cheese board, for example, can add instant sophistication to your holiday spread.

While luxe fabrics, like velvet, are having their moment, mixing in organic materials, like wood, is still just as relevant. Natural imperfections showcased in tables, hardware and serving pieces bring warmth to a room and evoke a down-to-earth appeal that’s perfect for the holidays.

What about metals and materials? What will be in (and out) in 2017?

CF: After all the metallic and shiny copper of this past year, matte finishes and mirrored surfaces are emerging and feeling especially relevant now. The best part is that these tones and textures mix in well with the more polished shine of previous seasons for a well-rounded complementary mix.

What color will dominate home décor this (holiday season)? How will you incorporate this hue in your home?

CF: Midnight blue is my timeless neutral of choice this season for investment pieces, like a sofa, especially in luxurious fabrics, like velvet, leather or silk. It’s every bit as chic as black but less serious and more down to earth. Petal pink is my favorite accent color this winter. It is unexpected and warm; it is romantic with a modern appeal that’s surprisingly easy to layer in, given its neutrality.

What are the best pieces to splurge and save on to master a high/low mix?

Anne White (AW): Furniture and artwork serve as the foundation to any room. Take the time to do your research and invest in quality, timeless pieces that will last for decades. Splurge on a sofa you love and be sure to balance style and comfort (it will be your daily resting place, after all!). Save on smaller items, such as throw pillows, plants and décor pieces, swapping them out seasonally for a room refresh.

How important is texture in creating an inviting space? What are your tips for layering different textures in a bedroom?

AW: Texture is key to transforming a space from cool to cozy in the winter months! Tonal fringe, chunky yarns and a touch of fur add both dimension and warmth to the space.

This time of year I can’t wait to pull out my sheepskin hides and fur throw pillows to carry me through the cold months ahead!

Anthropologie always seems to perfect print-on-print accents. As a stylist, how do you pair and layer patterned items so it doesn’t look chaotic?

AW: Start by choosing a cohesive color palette. Next, select prints and patterns with varied scales, such as a small-scale graphic print with a large-scale bold floral. You’ll want to be sure to create balance and give your eye a place to rest by incorporating solids into the mix.

Finally, layer in dimensional texture to tie it all together. If you’d like to see rooms from our catalog come to life, our new Anthropologie & Co. stores showcase 12 full-scale living, dining and bedrooms for floor-to-ceiling design inspiration.

French décor is hugely popular on MyDomaine, but many of the stunning images we see feature ornate homes with traditional moldings. How do you adopt French style without renovating?

AW: There are a handful of tricks to achieving French style without living in a chateau. I recommend starting with exaggerated scale. An ornate, oversize mirror immediately brings in an element of French elegance. Create a bit of drama through rich draperies; hang them high and wide around your window to create the illusion of tall ceilings. Shop at flea markets, antique malls and thrift stores for unique décor items with an old-world feel.

What are the major decorating mistakes you always notice?

CF: I always encourage a willingness to try new things and experiment with one’s space; mistakes can be a healthy part of the process! It’s a great way to achieve an inspiring style and develop your own eye.

A goal to work toward is being able to decipher the right trends to adopt for your home, the best way to incorporate them into your space and the ability to edit out any existing pieces that could compete with the “new” emerging vibe.

How do you think the Cuban travel trend will influence home décor?

CF: I love this question! Anthropologie and Cuban aesthetic share in common some key ingredients at the root (use of vivid colors, vintage details, aged surfaces, juxtaposition), so the influence has shown up naturally in our styling. I certainly think trending materials and the use of color, like saturated tropical hues for interiors, will likely be popular for years to come.

Your campaign images always look lived in, rather than overly styled. What’s your top tip to make a home look authentic, rather than cookie-cutter perfect?

CF: There are a couple of elements that can make a newly designed space feel instantly lived in. Personal touches like a favorite collection or a single piece with special meaning go a long way in making a room uniquely yours.

Plants and greenery can be powerful in making a space feel more inviting and lived in, too. For those with a brown thumb or fear of plant care, clipping greenery from outside to put in a vase can achieve a similar vibe without the full-care commitment.

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