A golf course on a mountaintop property

TO active enthusiasts, golf is more than just a game—it is a way of life. It is a self-motivating sport that requires both physical and mental abilities. Starting off with a poor shot may follow the golfer through the rest of the round.

Like any other sport, the place where you play makes a difference. You can have better chances at winning if you can stay focused, with no distractions within the game area. For a leisure sport like golf, a true game-changer, aside from a well-designed course, is a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by great views of nature while being close to family-friendly amenities.This is exactly how Clark SunValley Golf & Resorts differs from other golf courses in the Philippines. A $400-million project of Donggwang Clark Corp. (DCC), the Philippine subsidiary of the SunValley Group of South Korea, this world-class tourism estate in Clark, Pampanga, is set to change the Philippine tourism horizon and redefine the country’s leisure business.

Nestled atop rolling mountains right beside the historic Sacobia River with a majestic view of Mount Pinatubo, Clark SunValley Golf & Resorts is within a vast 304-hectare mountaintop property with two challenging, courses (the 18-hole Sun and Valley Course and the 18-hole Clark Course for members only) and a clubhouse, now both fully operational.

Clark SunValley Golf & Resorts’ golf courses are very well-maintained, with the right amount of hazards and a fair share of windy conditions making each hole appropriately challenging, yet fun and playable. While the courses are naturally surrounded by woods, DCC continues to plant trees to further enhance its beauty, isolating the holes from each other through an attractive and tranquil environment. DCC has recently started to sell memberships to golf enthusiasts in the country. “We offer a one-time membership fee good for two persons, with no green fees, monthly and annual fees. Just sign up and enjoy our two challenging courses, while enjoying a perfectly relaxing view of nature,” said Managing Director Tug-ho Rhewy of SunValley Group of South Korea.

The Clark SunValley Golf & Resorts is one of the biggest multiresorts under development in Southeast Asia, extending DCC’s expertise of bringing luxurious living close to nature. Aside from the golf courses, and clubhouse, nearing completion very soon are the residential villas and commercial mall, international school, waterpark, casino and a luxury five-star international hotel, making the Clark SunValley Golf & Resorts a world-class recreational village.

“We want to introduce a ‘unique lifestyle’ in an integrated tourism resort estate, such as the Clark SunValley Golf & Resorts, providing Filipinos and foreigners alike a ‘unique leisure experience’ in the beautiful country of Philippines,” Rhewy said.

The SunValley Group of South Korea is known for its state-of-the-art golf courses, hotels, water-theme parks, housing and other property development-related projects. Currently, it operates Sorak SunValley, Dongwon SunValley, Iljuk SunValley and Yeoju Sunvalley Country Club in Korea, as well as Yabe Sunvalley and Higo Sunvalley in Japan, and has completed more than 10 residential megaprojects.

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