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New ‘Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ trailer released

THE Pokémon Company has released the newest trailer of Nintendo Switch software “Pokémon Legends: Arceus,” which fans can check out at youtu.be/aDS03i_Yr0Q. Moreover, Pokémon Legends: Arceus just got more exciting with the introduction of face-down frenzied Pokémon nobles.

AboitizLand’s commitment to safety and good living

WHILE homes have turned into safer havens for staying protected against the ongoing pandemic, they’ve also somewhat turned into art projects. The artists are the residents themselves, creating an enclave that doubles as an aesthetically pleasing abode and a functional working-and-living space.

KSA government’s Vision 2030 program

THE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is undergoing a major transformation of its health-care system as part of the government’s Vision 2030 program. The restructure is envisioned to be a comprehensive, effective and integrated health-care system that focuses on the wellbeing of the individual and society, including its citizens, residents and visitors.

Phil Dizon, wearer of many hats, to launch online channel soon

WHEN asked what they would like to be when they grow up, a child usually answers with one ultimate dream that becomes their guide toward adulthood. More often than not, only a few people get to live their dreams in adulthood, considering life’s unpredictability. In the case of Phil Dizon, chief executive officer and president of Vendiz Pharmaceuticals Inc., a 100 percent Filipino pharmaceutical company that develops high quality but cost-effective pharmaceutical products in the Philippines, life’s colors come in naturally as he traverses a high-profile world while fulfilling his destiny of leading a corporation. 

A place of leisure and entertainment previews generous amenities at Club Vihara

CLUB Vihara recently opened its doors for the first time to the public. Club Vihara at Amiya Raya was conceptualized and designed by Architect Lorenzo Tenorio with interiors designed by Cleo Tenorio. The exclusive preview was commemorated by a solemn blessing and ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by landowners and partners Chay Garcia (Community Creators Inc.), and Jun and Angie Cristi, and Teddy and Chit Salud (Ardear Development and Realty Corp.), and selected guests. The event was also celebrated with a butterfly release adjacent Amiya Raya’s soon to be developed as nature park.

Bria Homes makes OFWs easy to access buying homes through digital technology

AS the pandemic continues to surge, with the need to shelter in place becoming more urgent, doing business digitally has not only become more convenient—it has become essential. Like it or not, the digital domain is now an irrevocable part of our lives. With digitalization allowing everyone to access to information—and to do business—with just a few clicks, it has become a key driver of success in most industries. This is especially true in Philippine real estate, a sector that continues to flourish despite the pandemic and its recurring quarantines. Property seekers now have apps that let them search by location or neighborhoods, enabling them to compare—and contrast—prospective homes in terms of features, prices, and amenities.

Achieve healthy sleep at home with Serta

IF there’s one thing this global pandemic has made us realize aside from keeping ourselves healthy and strong, that is we have to keep our environment pleasant and safe as always. With a healthy surrounding comes a healthy mind, body and soul that should always be our top priority whether we’re staying at home or chasing our dreams outside.

Inspire home cooks, add color to recipes

BREVILLE Philippines (www.breville.com.ph) recently brought color to everyone’s kitchens during the Fresh and Furious event via Facebook Live. The virtual launch featured the newest addition to the premium kitchen brand’s collection, the Fresh & Furious, which is the latest iteration of Breville’s line of high-quality Kinetix blenders.

Sola inspired by family, life and healthy living

MANY of us have spent our lives hurrying to and fro. Quality time feels like a blur. But when a pandemic marooned everyone at home—where jobs and classes are reduced to online interactions—it dawned on people how important the welfare of the family is and how essential residences and their location are. Cramped apartments, claustrophobic condos or houses in subdivisions which are becoming denser and denser could be taxing in what we call the new abnormal. Alternatives to these were few and far between.

Bria Homes partners with banks for horizontal and vertical projects

AS Filipinos start regaining a semblance of the normalcy they used to thrive in, they are now restarting their lives with a priceless lesson: long-term financial stability. Culled from challenges the pandemic has wrought: As most of us know by now, the global health crisis upended life as we knew it. We were quarantined, we were socially distanced, we were told to shelter at home. However, Filipinos readily adapted to the “new normal” and the clever ones who acquired financial literacy put their money in properties, tagged by experts as one of the most lucrative investments yet. These days, prospective homebuyers are eagerly cashing in on the “property rush” as the Philippines’s leading real-estate developers present countless housing options to them.

DDC Land launches very first socialized housing project

DDC Land Inc. (www.ddcland.com), inaugurates Tanza, Cavite project; eyes more socialized housing developments—DDC Land, one of the country’s fastest-rising property developers, inaugurates its latest socialized housing development south of Manila, which is located in Tanza in the province of Cavite, in the presence of the company’s top officials, including local and national government leaders, and members of the diplomatic corps.

Experience an open living and going green with Sola

SOLA at Pico de Loro Cove was recently launched as an exclusive residential project and the first horizontal development of Hamilo Coast (www.hamilocoast.com), one of the country’s premium beach resorts. It is also considered as the first premier sustainable lot development in Pico de Loro Cove, with access to a 1.5 kilometer of powder-smooth, white-sand beach and a 4-hectare man-made lagoon centerpiece—and is only approximately a 90-minute drive from SM Mall of Asia.

‘Pinta ng Tibay’ Pintura Challenge Contest

Pioneer Adhesives Inc., makers of leading brand Pioneer Epoxy, is challenging boat makers all over the country to showcase their artistry and creative imagination through the Pioneer “Pinta ng Tibay” Pintura Challenge. The contest will run until June 30, is an open boat painting contest that aims to promote and showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of the Filipino wooden boat builders in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Learn ideas of purchasing your dream home in OhTalks’ webinar

It might be hard to imagine any good resulting from the pandemic—a real-life horror story that has been impacting our lives for more than a year now. With so much uncertainty around jobs, employment, and financial security, most Filipinos have pressed the pause button on their dreams and goals. Milestone events such as weddings, starting a family or launching a business have likewise been put on hold.

Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art’s ‘Uyayi’ winners

Culminating International Women’s Month, the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art in partnership with Wacom Philippines celebrated the exceptional women who brought us all into this world. A slew of incredible young artists joined the “Uyayi Digital Contest,” which was concluded just in time for Mother’s Day.

Healthy modern home cooking with Breville

JUST recently, the international premium kitchen-label brand Breville Philippines (www.breville.com.ph), shared virtual event Hey, Home Fryer! which puts the spotlight on the brand’s newest master in the kitchen—the Smart Oven Air Fryer, the third and most innovative version of its best-selling Pro ovens. Unlike its predecessors, this newest offering from Breville’s roster #GotSmarter as it married both oven and air-frying options in one powerful product so that you can experience different ways of enjoying your tabletop favorites.

LG brings UVnano technology to the Philippines

LG Electronics, the global leader in inverter technology for residential air-conditioners, has introduced its new lineup of LG DualCool air-conditioners with Dual Inverter Compressor. LG’s new and improved air-conditioning units boast of 70 percent lower energy consumption and 40 percent faster cooling performance. LG’s groundbreaking UVnano technology was also introduced. UVnano removes 99.99 percent of germs from humidity, bacteria, and viruses within the unit. The powerful 5-step Total Air Care System in the new LG DualCool air-conditioners feature efficient PM1.0 filtration to deliver a clean, healthy, and fresh living experience which are also perfect for your smart home. The air-conditioners support connectivity with the LG ThinQ app through Wi-Fi, which enables users to control the air-conditioner anywhere anytime—from powering on and off. With this new line of LG DualCool air-conditioners, LG is targeting an increase in its local market to 15 percent within 2021.

Simplifying property solutions

MAKING housing transactions simple, Ohmyhome (www.ohmyhome.com) has seen scores of Filipino property seekers and sellers benefit from its practical, accessible, and efficient services. The market now enjoys hassle-free housing transactions two ways: through a DIY option where they can buy, sell, or rent on their own, or with the assistance of well-trained professional Ohmyhome agents.

Hamilo Coast premieres residential lot with Sola

UNDENIABLY, this challenging year has taught us that family and health are paramount. Thus, maintaining a lifestyle that is stress- and worry-free is what we want for ourselves and our loved ones. And what could be more relaxing than being away from the madding crowds and cocooning inside a natural sanctuary of sorts? Having all this is not a pipe dream anymore.

Simple way to make your kitchen smarter

“HOME is where the heart is.” This could not be truer than now when most of our time revolves around the four corners of our abodes. Though some of us feel that our worlds have become smaller because of the restrictions we have to observe, there are also those who found newfound passions in turning their private spaces into their very own havens.

Simple way to make your kitchen smarter

“HOME is where the heart is.” This could not be truer than now when most of our time revolves around the four corners of our abodes. Though some of us feel that our worlds have become smaller because of the restrictions we have to observe, there are also those who found newfound passions in turning their private spaces into their very own havens.

Enjoy living a modern farmhouse at The Grove

WITH solutions to the global health situation remaining fluid as of this time, Filipinos are being enjoined to stay vigilant and to continue adhering to health protocols to keep themselves—and other people—safe. And with one’s primary home as the safest place to be, lessons in self-sufficiency abound and continue to ensure the health of the family.

Real estate is one of the best investments for OFWs

BRIA Homes (www.bria.com.ph), is primed to bring quality and affordable house and lot packages and condominium units closer to ordinary Filipino families. This is the goal that drives every single employee in the company, for which the ultimate fulfillment is seeing a client happily moving into Bria’s homes.

LG bridges the gap for health-care facilities in the new normal

LIFE’S about more than having the latest technology, rather, it’s about the experiences technology creates that impact our lives. LG Electronics Philippines delivers consumer electronics through top-of-the-line home entertainment, home appliances, and air solution products that prepare Filipinos for their greatest moments.

Designing spaces that evoke warm memories

HBA Manila Design Office creates another space to awe, transport and inspire. There is nothing quite like a whiff of a familiar scent that can take you back to some place or time that meant something to you. Same goes with flavors, flashes of color, design details and space.

Cebu infrastructure to drive value appreciation in AboitizLand communities

FOR over 25 years, AboitizLand (www.aboitizland.com), has stayed true to its promise of creating better ways to live through its thriving master-planned communities. It now looks to further expand its reach by continuing to develop innovative and fully integrated communities in more locations across the Philippines. A subsidiary of the Aboitiz Group, it is built on a firm foundation with a hundred-year heritage of advancing business and communities.

Celebrate Holidaze at home with LG

THIS holiday season, LG Philippines wants to ensure that festive celebrations are held safely and responsibly at home. To make sure that everyone stays at home for the holidays, LG (www.lg.com/ph) is offering a special promotion for the season.  What better way to celebrate Christmas at home than with a brand new LG TV? With LG’s Holidaze at Home Promo, customers can get up to 40-percent off and a free Christmas basket or LG XBoom Go speaker on select LG TV models. To be eligible for the promo, purchases must be made via straight card or cash payment in participating LG authorized dealer stores nationwide. LG’s Christmas baskets may be redeemed by eligible customers in participating dealer stores upon purchase.

Prosperity Heights is geared for life in the new normal

AT the beginning of 2020, no one knew that the world would have to take on a pandemic, where health and safety become first priority, where accessibility to most essential goods and services is crucial for survival, and where proper home living is both a privilege and a necessity.

Vista Land International partners with Ohmyhome

SINCE the Covid-19 outbreak early in 2020, it’s been a challenging year for many local industries, including the property sector. Real-estate developers report about a decline in sales, project launches being put on-hold, and construction of ongoing developments being suspended or dramatically reduced.

Perfect home entertainment partners with Jose Mari Chan this Christmas

GRAND Videoke is the perfect home entertainment partner for families to sing and quarantining together can enjoy their holiday home-cation by belting out their favorite Christmas songs and having a friendly competition with the GV Perfect Pitch Battle Mode. Moreover, Grand Videoke also has the Perfect Pitch Scoring System which acts as a digital vocal coach that gives scores to elements like vibrato, rhythm and pitch.

­­Love Plus Charity Foundation community outreach program

LOVE Plus Charity Foundation held its most recent community outreach program, gives back by helping Filipinos in need during the pandemic on October 28 at Brgy. Punta, Parañaque City with Cofounder William Chen and Miss Philippines Earth 2019 Janelle Tee to provide aid to the families who were greatly affected by the pandemic.

World’s super lightweight laptop unveiled

MANY tablets and gadgets claim theirs are the lightest, most ultraportable. However, Dynabook range recently added to its portfolio the Portégé X30L-G laptop—not a tablet but, yes, a laptop which can readily claim as being the lightest in the market of tablets and laptops.

LG lets you live life in details in the new normal

Half a year into the pandemic, staying at home has become the new normal. Most of the activities you’ll engage in, whether for work or for leisure, will be confined to the four corners of your home. However, just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Working from home, or relaxing after a long day, doesn’t have to be a drag. In the new normal, having access to technology that won’t let you down is important. Every detail, no matter how small, contributes in uplifting experience and enjoyment. To show just how enjoyable staying home can be, LG Philippines (www.lg.com/ph), recently held an online event to showcase its newest home entertainment system offerings.

The impact of nature on one’s well-being

“HOME is where your health is” may not be the standard adage that pertains to your living space, but the statement cannot be more true especially in this time of a global pandemic. With most of the world shuttered at home to keep safe, the yearning for “green spaces”—urban or architectural structures where trees and plants thrive or residential developments that co-exist within an abundant amount of nature to give a slice of the great outdoors indoors has become one of the things that people look forward to.

The goodness of building your home in the East

With everything that is happening around us, your home is your sanctuary. It is where you feel most safe and relaxed. Having a haven where you feel free and can do many things, improves your overall quality of life, giving you space to spend time alone or with the people you love.

Jotun Philippines awarded ISO certifications

JOTUN Philippines Inc., a local subsidiary of Jotun A/S, one of the world’s top producers of paints and coatings based in Norway, has recently been awarded ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications for the following—14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. A major feat made in just two years after the inauguration of its modern manufacturing plant in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

The Japanese way at The Seasons Residences

AT the heart of Japanese minimalism is the cultural concept of “Ma” or the space between things. It is about finding beauty in simplicity. It is a philosophy that the Japanese apply to all aspects of life, from the respectful pause when they bow to each other, to the quiet moments for contemplation while drinking coffee, and even to elements of design.

LG launches new line of commercial air-conditioners designed to combat air pollution

As technology, innovation, and industry continue to grow at a steady pace, companies have set their focus on proactively combatting environmental issues and climate change, both for their customers, as well as their corporate social responsibility. One of the biggest, perhaps most dangerous issue is air pollution. In fact, the European Heart Journal announced 8.8 million annual premature deaths from air pollution. This number is more than 6 million deaths caused by smoking each year.

Chef Laudico Guevarra’s ‘Handaan Kahit Saan’

Since it opened in 2013, Chef Laudico Guevarra’s has been a preferred venue for events. The sprawling lawn and the 1920s heritage house have hosted various milestones—from birthdays, baptisms, and weddings to corporate parties and product launches. The 80-item buffet with classic and modern Filipino dishes by chefs Rolando “Lau” and Jac Laudico is worth a drive to San Juan City, some guests travel from as far as Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan, Batangas and Laguna for the dining experience.              

Loc&Stor 24/7 offers secure and managed storage units for rent

ACCESSIBLE 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, most Loc&Stor 24/7 branches are equipped with seven sizes of storage units to accommodate different needs. The smallest unit can contain up to eight balikbayan boxes, while jumbo-size units are capable of storing contents of a 20-ft container or up to 180 balikbayan boxes.

Having fun, staying fit and fab at Amaia

SUMMER evokes images of fun in the sun—heading out to the beach and swimming in the cool turquoise waters of the sea, diving and snorkeling and playing endless games of beach volleyball and, well, just spending countless hours bonding with family and friends. Then and now, summer is a season for simply taking a break from our humdrum routines, making wonderful memories come alive or creating new ones to look back on someday.

Nature-inspired living at Sycamore Heights

IMAGINE waking up every day to find that right outside your home are breathtaking views of nature— lush mountains in the distance, the serene Taal Lake with the Taal Volcano in its midst, and the Tagaytay Midlands fairways sprawled not too far from where you are.

Amaia Skies completes amenities in Sta. Mesa and Cubao

HIGH-rise living has increasingly become the lifestyle of choice for both families and young professionals. Aspiring homeowners usually opt for a condo development that is near their workplaces, provides safety and security, and has easy access to leisure facilities and other practical conveniences.

Your home beyond the ordinary

IMAGINE living in a charming mountain lodge home that is perched on one of Tagaytay Highland’s highest points, allowing you to look out on a priceless view of verdant mountains.

Meralco updates all-time-high power-rate cut

THE “Meralco Advisory” news-format TV infomercial of the country’s largest power-distribution utility, which started early on as an information campaign to reach out to customers, has now become a go-to source of information for many households.

Amaia brings communities together

THERE has been no shortage of fun and excitement in Amaia Land communities this summer as homeowners and neighboring communities recently engaged in exhilarating activities that included an adrenaline-filled drone racing competition—the first ever in the property development circuit—and a car show weekend.

Canon launches new PIXMA E Series printers

CANON Philippines (www.canon.com.ph) recently launched their PIXMA E Series printers E470 and E410 ink-efficient, all-in-ones. They can print, photocopy and scan; the E470 is also Wi-Fi-enabled to allow users to print straight from their mobile phone or tablet.

Homeowners happy with Amaia Properties

BEFORE 2016 ended, no less than 2,000 homes in various locations in the country were opened to new Amaia residents. These homeowners happily spent the Christmas and New Year holidays in their Amaia residences after accepting the keys to their spanking-new abodes.

Happy and good vibes at Amaia Scapes Cavite

HAPPY vibes, beautiful music and a wide array of food offerings…weekend nights have become more exciting at Amaia Scapes General Trias, where Amaia Land has partnered with Eat City, a themed food avenue that features classic comfort food, street-food favorites and delicious specialties.

Escape to your seaside address

TOP-down with hair flowing in the wind, cruise past a countryside driver’s dream of small-town roads and seaside postcard scenes from SM’s Mall of Asia to a sprawling coastal resort town along the shores of Nasugbu, Batangas.

Amaia Skies welcomes new homeowners

IN an exclusive event held recently, Amaia Land turned over Amaia Skies Cubao’s new Tower 1 units to its first batch of residents. The occasion saw nineteen homeowners—families and individuals, mostly residents of Quezon City—happily moving into their new homes at Amaia Skies Cubao’s recently completed first high-rise after inspecting and accepting their units.

A tropical haven in Tagaytay

TRUE to its vision of defining mountain-resort living in the country, Tagaytay Highlands once again sets the bar through its newest lot development—Vireya, the first and only tropical-resort community within a mountain-resort development.

Amaia partners with Baga Manila for weekend cookouts

IMAGINE bright lights, happy vibes and a friendly gathering of foodies and families laughing and bonding over delicious dishes. Such is the delightful scenario at Amaia Steps Sucat on Thursday to Sunday with Amaia Land’s partnership with Barbecuers and Grillers Association (Baga Manila) to set up grilled cookouts for homeowners, workers and passersby in the area.

Multilevel marketer celebrates 1st anniversary

GFOXX International, one of the fastest-growing health and wellness companies in the Philippines, celebrated its first anniversary recently at the posh Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, with its founding members and officers David Tan, John Ernest Fernandez, Philip Co and Wilson Chua on hand to greet well-wishers.

Everyday exclusive living in Tagaytay

ONCE in a while, we need to get away from work-related stress caused by relentless deadlines, nonstop meetings, or just our tedious daily grind. While we yearn for a lengthy holiday break in some far-off destination, most of the time we simply need to spend our weekends wisely and smartly in order to recharge our batteries for more rigorous work ahead.

Blissful summer days at City Garden Grand Hotel

THOSE looking for a perfect getaway these hot summer days yet dread the long trip from the city and, even worse, punctuated by heavy traffic along the road, need not look far. City Garden Grand Hotel, an emerging hotel of choice by business and leisure travelers, especially expats, promises guests a rewarding and unforgettable stay with its room promo valid April to May this year.   

City Garden’s Italian-inspired room

IN a privileged, central location, City Garden Hotel Makati is an experience in great urban living at an impressive practical cost. City Garden has a tastefully furnished lobby, 160 Italian-inspired rooms with a most relaxing ambiance, delectable Asian and International cuisine from Le Jardin and Roof Deck Restaurants. City Garden, which is a property being operated by the City Garden Hotels, will have a Holy Week promo.

RE/MAX brings high-level professionalism

RE/MAX assures its buyers and sellers that their real-estate transactions are in good hands—eliminating the fears and apprehensions of fraud, professionalizing the real-estate brokerage in the country and giving its clients peace of mind when they list or buy properties with the brand.