Sandari Batulao bullish on Dima

In Photo: Dima’s green sanctuary, where 50 percent of the space is allocated to greens and open spaces.

AFTER the successful launch of Nale, Sandari Batulao recently introduced Dima, the second phase of its development into the local market.

Maureen Azarcon, vice president for sales of Sandari Batulao, said Dima will start groundbreaking this year with the initial activity on the construction of the clubhouse.

At the heart of Dima is a serene natural river to help calm the mind, body and soul.

Just like Nale, Azarcon said Dima will also promote healthy lifestyle of living in the southern part of the Region 4. “Nale and Dima are being positioned by Sandari Batulao as homes for healthy living, which is getting popular nowadays,” Azarcon said.

At present, the 44-hectare Nale is already 85-percent sold out. “Overseas-based Filipinos comprised 60 percent of the buyers in Nale.

She said the entry of Sandari Batulao in property development in the Batulao area is timely as more and more people want to pursue a holistic and healthy living. “If you want to have a healthier lifestyle, breathe fresh air and eat fresh food, and want to escape from the rigors of city living, Sandari Batulao is providing an alternative lifestyle for them,” she added.

“With the urban areas getting more crowded, development projects like Sandari Batulao will be getting more popular in the market because more and more people want to pursue a healthy lifestyle, eat fresh and healthy foods and breathe fresh air,” she added.

Azarcon said Sandari Batulao now has sites that can be used for tai chi and yoga activities in the near future. For people who love outdoor sports, Sandari Batulao has a bicycle lane that can give people a good form of a cardio exercise. She added that a jogging lane will be a put up in the future as part of the long-term plans of the company.

Dima’s clubhouse amenities include a serene pool, organic farm and a multipurpose hall.

As part of its objective to provide a holistic living, Azarcon said Sandari Batulao has allotted 50 percent of Dima to open space while the rest will be apportioned to the housing lots. Moreover, Sandari Batulao has put up a nursery for plants that can provide fresh produce for the residents. Azarcon said Sandari Batulao will soon plant fruit-bearing trees to provide fresh air and natural shade in the area.

Nale is the initial phase of Sandari Batulao. Named after the ancient Tagalog goddess of good actions and cultivated land, Nale is a scenic garden community with three distinct enclaves called bamboo, fern and palm. Lot sizes in Nale range from 150 square meters up to 500 sq m.

Dima, the second phase of Sandari Batulao’s development, was derived from ancient Tagalog god of good harvest and the husband of Nale. Dima is a 19-hectare holistic wellness village centered on the three principles of eat, move and sleep. Moreover, 50 percent of its space is allocated to greens and open spaces.

As part of providing holistic living, Dima will have an organic farm for healthy living, open space for forest bathing to relax the mind, a communal natural river, edible landscaping and an outdoor obstacle course. Moreover, clubhouse amenities will include a pool, organic farm, function hall and shower/locker rooms.

As part of broadening its market base, Azarcon said Sandari Batulao is also enhancing its marketing activities toward overseas-based Filipinos. She added their efforts have been getting positive results.

“Even if they haven’t actually seen the site, they bought lots in Sandari Batulao because they were impressed with the development and the good climate in the area,” she said

In a testimonial during its recent Investors Night, Fe Labaco said she and her husband decided to buy three lots in Sandari Batulao because the family wants to get away from the traffic congestion and pollution in Metro Manila. “We are also impressed with the fast-paced development in Sandari Batulao.

Yet Gorospe, a real-estate broker and also an investor in Sandari Batulao, said the ardent desire to pursue was a great motivation to live in Sandari Batulao. “I want to bike, walk, hike, breathe fresh air and eat fresh food and I found it here in Sandari,” he explained in the testimonial.

Liza Borela, a retiree, said she quickly fell in love with Sandari Batulao because she believes the place will provide her quality living.

Azarcon said the majority of the residents are retirees but the number of young professionals buying are also on the rise for investment purposes.

The prices of lots in Sandari Batulao range from P2 million to P7 million.


Rizal Raoul Reyes

Rizal Raoul S. Reyes has covered technology, science, business, property and special reports. He had working stints with the Business Star, Manila Bulletin and Independent Daily News.