Philips pushes lighting solutions with ‘EyeComfort’ campaign

SEEKING a balance between functionality and personality, Philips Lighting demonstrated how their recently launched LED products may bring comfortable brightness ideal for Filipino households.

The global lighting supplier held recently an event, titled “See the World in Comfortable Brightness”. The “EyeComfort” campaign was launched to promote proper lighting in different parts of a home, like the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

Philippines Country Manager Jagan Srinivasan emphasized why Filipinos should give importance to comfortable brightness in their living spaces.

“I think the Filipinos have strong family attachment, so you want to do the best things for your kids, you want to do the best thing for your family. I think with something as simple as getting the lighting in your house, you have the ability to make sure that people have the right kind of lighting, so eye comfort is an important thing,” he told the BusinessMirror.

Philips exhibited LED lights with a step-dimmable feature, which allows users to lower the intensity of its light to suit their preference using the same switch. Moreover, they do not flicker and have 70 percent less glare than other products in the market.

Another common attribute of their products was their energy-saving feature. Some like LED Batten Cove Light can save up to about 60 percent of energy, while some like the Cavanal Lamp can save up to 80 percent.

“We have introduced this product to the market this year and we’ve seen a good response in the market. The benefits speak for itself, that’s why we are happy to introduce it in the market here,” he said.

With divulging further Philips’s performance in the Philippines in the first half of 2017, as well as last year, Srinivasan bared that LED lights provided most of the total revenue.

“Sixty-one percent of our total revenues is LED-based and it’s part of the business that we expect to grow,” he said.

The country manager said the lighting business in the Philippines looks bright as the administration’s move to spend more on infrastructure bids well for commercial uses of light.

“We are lucky to be one of those industries where there is no one that can say I am not a consumer of lighting. Since everybody is a consumer one way or another, regardless of the hats they wear, they’re all our relevant target audience,” Srinivasan said.

Meet the EyeComfort advocates

EXPERTS have the eye for what is best. It is for this reason that Philips tapped local ambassadors to relay to the local market what the solutions of Philips Lighting are all about.

The event held at Discovery Primea Makati featured landscape Arch. Paulo Alcazaren, multimedia influencer Kelly Misa-Fernandez and celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga—all known as the “EyeComfort Advocates” for diversifying the use of proper lighting in their own fields.

According to Alcazaren, light should bring comfort and promote well-being in living spaces, giving the residents a sense of security, where they can dwell and interact with others harmoniously.

When it comes to homes, specifically for the living room, he deems that it is important to preserve a balance between personality and functionality in the area.

“In general, I’d look for versatile lights with adjustable brightness such as Philips LED downlights and ceiling lamps. You want the room to work for different purposes—bright and clean for guests, but also cozy and comfy for the family. Lighting can help you achieve both,” Alcazaren said.

Kelly Misa-Fernandez gave her insight on picking the right lighting for the kitchen. As a mom, she spends a lot of time cooking and eating with the family in this area. Occasionally, it also serves as a social hub for dinner parties and entertainment.

“I believe that the dining area and kitchen are the ‘heart of the home’ and act as multifunctional spaces for many households. With Philips SceneSwitch bulbs, I can create different moods in my kitchen depending on the task needed to be done. It can make the room bright and energizing when I’m performing delicate chores, like chopping up ingredients. It can also make the kitchen look homey, cozy and romantic for those special occasions,” Fernandez said.

Mayuga believes that choosing the right kind of lighting is crucial for both in his field of work and in the household. He said, “As a makeup artist who is barely at home because of all the work travels, I see my bedroom as a sanctuary, wherein I could unwind and zone out from the world—and lights play an important role in calming my senses.”

Mayuga shared his professional preference in choosing the right lights not only fit for dozing off, but also for his and his celebrity clients’ vanity solutions. “Make sure you’re using soft, diffused lights. Nothing that is too bright, glaring or flickering, just like the Comfortable Brightness range of LED bulbs. These work perfectly,” he added.

During the event, the ambassadors tried firsthand how Philips Lighting’s LED products give comfortable brightness in the various household settings.

Going beyond illumination

FOR over 125 years, Philips Lighting has been a global leader in revolutionizing the industry with its wide array of products, systems and services. It has delivered innovations that unlock business value, providing rich user experiences that help improve lives for the better.

“Our responsibility as the global leader in lighting technology doesn’t stop in producing and promoting the use of LEDs. We are also committed in educating consumers about sustainable illumination,” Srinivasan said.

He noted that they work hard to empower the people by bringing together in-depth understanding of their needs, lighting applications and scientific insights to make fact- and evidence-based lighting solutions for maximum performance.

“We are aware, more than anyone else in the industry, that light influences the human body in greater schemes. Our human-centric lighting efforts are devoted to enhancing human performance, comfort, health and well-being, separately or in some combinations.”

Serving professional and consumer markets, Philips Lighting leads the industry in leveraging the Internet of Things to transform homes, buildings and urban spaces. It approximately hires 34,000 employees in over 70 countries. In 2016 it generated €7.1 billion in sales worldwide.

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