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How to achieve a 20/20 financial vision

Its 2020, and almost everyone has been plotting their New Year’s financial resolution presumably as a step to turn their financial vision into reality, but have you ever thought of asking yourself before engraving these resolutions into your system if these get you any closer to the kind of accomplishments you would want to reach in your lifetime, and the kind of person you want to be known? Did you bother to examine the clarity and feasibility of your vision? Were there any chances that gave you a hint that you might need to step back a little to reexamine yourself, and see if your resolutions are in unison with your vision?

Deciphering the DuPont Identity

Did it ever cross your mind if there was a way to measure if the value of your stock investments is giving you sufficient returns? Or a way to assess a company’s ability to generate a profit to help you gain the upper hand to make informed choices?

Three notions why saving is not saving you at all

SAVING must be accompanied by maturity and not by instant gratitude or some kamikaze type of mental model. Anyone can always argue that they are saving, but the real question one should be asking to themselves is, am I really saving? Did your decisions and actions to set aside money for future use mitigate the foreseen financial hurdles? Or did it result in becoming the problem? Saving is definitely not rocket science, but deciphering whether you are doing it the right way is the challenge.