Pick.A.Roo now with over 600,000 users in the metro

And they are just getting started
Pick.a.Roo founder Kevin Tan and Pick.a.Roo co-founder and CEO Crystal Gonzalez

PICK.A.ROO is more than just a food and grocery app. It is an all-in-one lifestyle delivery app with over 1,300 trusted brands spanning groceries, restaurants, and specialty stores. With more than 200,000 items on the app, all kinds of essentials are conveniently available, such as groceries, food, medicine, office supplies, gadgets, home and kitchen needs, hardware, self-care, and mommy and baby essentials. Pick.A.Roo continues to provide top-quality delivery service and grew 400% in 2021, and continues to grow even the post-Christmas, after lockdowns and covid spikes. 

With things now slowly adjusting into facets of life before the outbreak, new challenges are now on the horizon, such as the rising price of fuel, face-to-face work in the office, long and hassle commutes, things are indeed getting back to “normal .”In spite of all these, Pick.A.Roo remains steadfast in providing a service that makes everyday life simpler.

Together with Kevin Tan, CEO and Co-founder Crystal Gonzalez created PICK.A.ROO and quotes, PICKAROO is “the must-have app” as we all transition to hybrid work and post-pandemic/  endemic-life. Download the app and save time, money, and a lot of energy. PICKAROO is an all-in-one delivery app where you can get groceries, food, medicines, toys and baby needs, pet care, gadgets, hardware, and home and kitchen all delivered in an hour. Our app is so easy to use we tested it from ages  5  to 85! So simple, you just search or click on the items photos and add to cart from different stores and check out in one go.

We are also excited about our new feature as we are the first in the country to make mall- shopping easier with the “Shop by mall ” feature where you can easily shop from your favorite malls and restaurants and get everything delivered together and save on delivery fees. 

We want all our users to make better use of their time- be able to relax, spend time with their loved ones while we take care of the rest. With one click, we can do all their grocery shopping and hopping (S&R, Landmark, and The Marketplace, All Day, Shopwise, Farmer’s Market, and more..) and for days where they don’t feel like cooking, or they got home late, we have all the top brands and favorite restaurants in town. Moms can also have more time as we deliver everything from toys, activities and school,  office supplies, home and kitchen, and all basic appliances. Dads also love us for our gadgets and hardware stores. They can easily get everything from a new Macbook or iPad, SD card,  power bank, or basic tools they need.

Everyone is excited to start living again and slowly go back to their normal lives, and Pickaroo is here to make everything much easier.”

Pick.A.Roo is constantly updated with features to make the online shopping experience thoughtful, fun, and convenient. We simplify your life with great deals updated on the app so that you can enjoy more.

Save gas, save time and save money with PICK.A.ROO. You can download PICK.A.ROO on Play Store / Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iOS): www.pickaroo.com/download.

For more information on PICK.A.ROO and our brand partners, visit www.pickaroo.com.

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