Water Tiger may not be so kind to Pinoys in ’22

“Metal is like magnet—it represents connections—connecting people, and therefore its absence indicates many forms of separation.” —Feng shui practitioner Marites Allen

The year of the Water Tiger may not bode well for the Philippines, as the character of the animal may get better of us, and will likely result in arguments, misunderstandings, and breaks in relationships.

 “Tigers are very energetic. They don’t want to be caged and when provoked, they will attack with swiftness,” said popular feng shui practitioner Marites Allen. The Tiger is the third in the 12-animal Chinese zodiac cycle, and begins on February 1.

The Philippines’s main desti­ny chart also shows an excess of wood and water, some earth and fire, but an absence of metal. “The missing metal element will result in a tendency for people to act and do things independently; thus, more division rather than part­nership,” she explained.

“Metal is like magnet—it represents connections—con­necting people, and therefore its absence indicates many forms of separation.”

On the upside, Tigers, in gen­eral, are also a symbol of bravery and independence.

“They are great adventurers who never back down from life’s challenges. Thus, they represent creativity, dynamism, and power,” she said.

Misfortune Star 5

HOPEFULLY, those positive Tiger traits rub off on us this year, espe­cially since the “Misfortune Star 5” is present in the country’s chart from February 1, 2022 to January 21, 2023

This, Allen said, indicated more impact from climate change such as tsunamis, along with other water-related tragedies. As such, she underscored the urgent need to preserve the environment and the natural resources. “There should be less waste, less carbon footprint, and less harm to nature.”

Her remarks come right on the heels of government’s recent an­nouncement overturning a four-year-old ban on open pit mining, and the devastation wrought by typhoon Odette in many parts of the country. Most scientists be­lieve climate change is the reason cyclones are packing more power and thus, devastating communi­ties on a larger scale.

As if these problems were not enough, the feng shui mistress also cited the presence of this mis­fortune star may indicate the con­tinuation of the Covid-19 problem throughout the year, increasing ill­nesses, as well as issues with the digestive system.

Banks, beware!

THE lack of a metal element will also have a significant impact on the country’s financial institu­tions, she averred. “They need to be careful and always be on guard,” constantly protecting their sys­tem from vulnerabilities and weakness. Only recently, some banks and their clients became victims of cyber criminals.

But because of the Water Tiger’s dynamism, Allen said new financial innovations such as crypto curren­cies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technologies will gain more hold of our daily lives.

“There will also be major chang­es, including the wider use of elec­tronic banking and digital curren­cies. After El Salvador announced the use of cryptocurrency as a legal tender, it will probably only be a matter of time before other countries will follow suit. Crypto will surely be a reserve currency of the future, alongside the US Dollar, silver, and gold,” she noted.

The property markets will be volatile, she also warned. “A pos­sible bubble [will emerge], where buyers enjoy good deals and sell­ers incur losses. The first quarter may be quiet, with things perking up later in the year.”

Overall, Allen said there will be fewer opportunities to make money and attract good fortune, “espe­cially for the less-privileged. This is another year when the rich may become richer, while the poor may become poorer. But beware! This can also be a time where the fall of the rich could happen instantly.”

Industries that may prosper

THE country’s excessive water and wood elements this year, along with the presence of the Sky Horse Star, suggests constant movement and traveling, she said. While it will mean a lot of travel, “however, sea and land disasters are also likely.”

Among the industries that will likely pick up this year are those dominated by the water ele­ment: maritime, transport, aqua­culture, tourism, and shipping. “They can explore new markets and have the potential to enjoy sustainable and profitable activi­ties.” Thus, she pointed to favor­able outcomes in investments re­lating to ports, rivers, travel, and maritime businesses. “Businesses developing innovative solutions and technologies should also be profitable,” she added.

Allen stressed that feng shui “is not fortune telling because the future is uncertain, really. Feng Shui provides guidelines on how specific life energies can impact on our lives, and how we can balance those energies to help us achieve our goals. We only look at how we may navigate through another un­certain year by making insights on the character traits of the year’s ruling zodiac animal.” (For ani­mal sign forecasts, see “When the Water Tiger roars, everyone should remain calm and stay pos­itive,” in the BusinessMirror, January 27, 2022.)


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