The ‘long road’ back to health and fitness

THE new normal has led many people to turn to hobbies that give them happiness and become more creative.

This trend has encouraged fitness enthusiast Aencille Santos to start Manila Athletica—a brand inspiring Filipinos to start their fitness journey from home.

Starting Manila Athletica was a necessary move for her. It made her financially stable.

CrossFit has been part of Santos’s life for years. Because of this, she bought a barbell set and plates for a makeshift gym at home last April.

She also studied and found that fitness equipment is part of the Top 10 things people bought during the pandemic.

Santos established Manila Athletica, with best-selling products that include jump ropes, resistance bands, and exercise mats.

Nevertheless, as more orders began coming in, she started to struggle picking, packing, and shipping out orders on her own. Fortunately, she found a fulfillment partner for her e-commerce business.

“Upon assessing a shortlist of players, LOCAD topped the list with their impressive system, organized processes, and quality customer service,” Santos said.

With LOCAD, Manila Athletica has had a 40-percent increase in positive consumer comments and two to three times faster deliveries.

Santos, likewise, assumed the increase in their inventory by almost triple.

Manila Athletica expected to peak during the holiday season as more people are motivated to start or resume their fitness journey.

With the brand now growing at a steady pace, Manila Athletica is projecting to widen its inventory by offering new equipment and accessories.

“We will still focus mainly on e-commerce but will eventually expand to other Asian markets,” Santos said.


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