Using blockchain to help Filipino doctors, nurses gain successful employment abroad

LAST June, the Philippines increased the number of nurses and health-care workers allowed to go overseas to 6,500 annually, as demand for our health-care professionals continued to increase.

The country continues to be one of the world’s biggest sources of nurses, with roughly 17,000 Filipino nurses signing overseas work contracts in 2019. But there was a temporary halt last year as coronavirus hospitalizations rose sharply.

Despite the danger, Filipino health-care workers all over the world continued to risk their own lives to keep Covid-19 cases from getting out of control. Countries like the United Kingdom lauded around 21,000 Filipino frontliners who were working for the country’s National Health Service and private hospitals for their extraordinary contribution to UK’s battle against Covid-19.

The  pandemic highlighted the shortage of health-care staff in many parts of the world, creating considerable opportunities for Filipino health-care workers who are dreaming of working overseas. In this Covid-19 era, Filipino health-care workers can now utilize digital technology in securing legitimate employment abroad.

A good example is how technology now allows them to create a digital profile where all their credentials are fully verified using blockchain technology. All an employer has to do is check the profile and see if it matches their requirements.

This can be done through, an online platform that provides them with the tools they need to secure a legitimate and successful career abroad. It became easier for medical workers to find legitimate recruiters as well as reach out to prospective health-care employers. “The platform helps to bridge the gap between qualified medical professionals and global health-care employers,” said Alejandro Coca, co-founder of “This is done by providing all of our members with a free digital profile known as a myTrueProfile page, which acts as a verified digital CV.”

Currently, there are at least 50,000 Filipinos who trust platform in helping them fulfill their dream of working overseas: “We only work with legitimate recruiters to ensure that members are well looked after and have a positive experience when it comes to relocating for a career in another country.”

Apart from that, by having a myTrueProfile page, Filipino medical professionals also dramatically increase their chances of being hired. Interested applicants can simply create an account on (, build a myTrueProfile page, and then set contact settings to the “Recommended” option in order to attract new career opportunities.

When developing a myTrueProfile page, one must be careful and detailed with their information: members should make sure to add relevant information about work experience, education, languages spoken, countries interested in relocating to, and verifications and professional licenses already held. They must also ensure their contact information is 100 percent correct, and specify e-mail information that is active and used regularly.

“The contact details that are listed on the profile will be used by the team and their recruiting partners to communicate about job opportunities.”

To verify all documents, applicants can log on to By signing up to become a member, the site offers members with a number of career solutions including a free digital CV which can be shared with employers, regulators and recruiters, and can also be showcased on social media. In addition, members can also utilize recruitment services and a wealth of resources to answer any queries about moving to the United Kingdom, for example, where many Filipino nurses have found lucrative careers. This opens them up to a world of job opportunities on an international scale.

This technology makes the recruitment process so much easier since members need to have their documents verified only once.  “Our use of blockchain technology means that individuals no longer need to verify their documents over and over again. Members can simply verify once, and a digital fingerprint of their verification is stored on blockchain which is fully owned and controlled by the individual. This means they can share their verification directly with employers, recruiters and regulators who can be assured of the authenticity of the documents.”


LAZADA recently held the second edition of LazMall Brands Future Forum (BFF) 2021, with the theme “Rising to the Future: Southeast Asia’s Digital Commerce.”

The Lazada platform has more than 110 million annual active consumers, and online transactions have grown 100 percent year-on-year.

In just three years, LazMall has grown to house over 32,000 local and international brands, with a high-quality customer base who are willing to spend more to purchase from brands they know and love, as well as discovering new brands on the platform.

New buyers on the LazMall channel nearly doubled year-on-year, and the value of purchases made by LazMall customers is twice that of an average buyer on the Lazada platform.

As online retail grows, adoption of a long-term digital commerce strategy that is unique to each brand is key. To ensure success, Lazada offers fully customized business and marketing tools and solutions, tailored to the needs of each brand and their customers.

According to the Lazada Group, innovation, creativity, cutting-edge technology and stunning customer experiences have continued to transform eCommerce, resulting in a great online migration, with over 70 percent of the Southeast Asia’s population now using the Internet.

As part of celebrating LazMall’s third anniversary, the event also presented the second BFF Awards. The BFF Awards 2021 honored nine top performing and innovative global and Southeast Asian brands on the LazMall channel with The Estée Lauder Companies taking home the most coveted award of LazMall Brand of the Year, and Samsung winning the Best Brand Partnership Award. Other winners included Nike for Best New Brand Launch Award; Coach for LazMall Rising Star Award; Lancôme for Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate getting the Best New Product Launch Award; Shiseido Group with LazMall Marketing Excellence Award; Starbucks with LazMall Innovation Excellence Award; Synagie receiving the Lazada Partner Award; and the L’Oréal Consumer Products Division winning Best Use of Lazada Sponsored Solutions.

The awards celebrate excellence demonstrated within the online retail landscape, the agility in adapting business strategies in an ever-evolving commerce environment, as well as constant creativity in seeking fun and interactive ways to enhance customers’ online shopping experiences.


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