‘Converge fiber network reaches unserved areas’

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. said on Wednesday it has more than doubled its fiber network in 2020, providing Internet services to underserved and unserved areas in the country.

Dennis Anthony Uy, the company’s CEO, said the fiber network of Converge now runs to over 55,000 kilometers, 28,300 kilometers more than the prior year’s 26,600 kilometers of fiber optic cables.

“We have been accelerating the expansion of our fiber optic network because we wanted to reach the underserved and unserved areas in the country which are longing for fiber-fast internet service,” he said.

Through the fiber infrastructure, Converge has made available nearly 2.7 million fiber-to-the-home ports nationwide. At end-2020, Converge had over 1 million subscribers, or double its 529,000 home subscribers the year prior.

“The community quarantine regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic that made people rely more on their internet service for work and study at home have only made our mission to deliver fiber-fast broadband to a greater number of Filipinos more urgent,” Uy said.

Converge aims to have at least 15 million subscribers by 2025.

Currently, Converge recorded 6.1 million homes passed, which is about 25 percent of the total households in the Philippines.

“We are well on track to meeting our goal of reaching over 15 million or 55 percent of Philippine households by 2025 and ready to serve the high-speed broadband requirements of the majority of our people,” Uy noted.

Last month, Converge said it has completed the deployment of a third core node for its fiber network, boosting its redundancy and resiliency against outages.

Uy said the new node will enable the company to perform a “robust and redundant traffic routing,” ensuring that the network is “more fault-tolerant.”

He added that with the third node the company’s “fiber network becomes stronger and more resilient with a more efficient network traffic distribution and better ability to address outages.”


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