The advantages of using Linux

Tux the penguin, the mascot of the Linux operating system.

AS a developing country, the Philippines is always challenged to provide concerned stakeholders all their information and communications technology (ICT) needs to boost the digital capability of the country.

Radenta Technologies Inc., a Filipino-owned computing technology company, recently pointed out that using the Linux operating system is one major way to meet the challenges of the dearth in computing software.   “One difference, however, is that Linux is an open source software that is free and available for the public to view, edit and, for those with the technical skill, contribute to. Linux is customizable. You can swap out word processor, web browsers, system display graphics and other user-interface components,” the company said in a press statement.

Since it is an open source OS, Linux’s source code can be accessed by everyone. Anyone who has coding skills can contribute, modify, enhance and distribute the code to anyone and for any purpose.

With skills in Linux, Radenta pointed out that IT professionals have a lot of opportunities in fields,

such as Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Networking and IT Infrastructure, Open Source Technologies, Android and Embedded Technologies, and High Performance Computing.

Moreover, Radenta said Linux is also being used in many devices, its code underpinning such popular platforms as Android phones, tablets and Chromebooks, digital storage devices, personal video recorders, cameras, wearables and smart appliances.

Moreover, Microsoft’s Windows OS even carries Linux components as part of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Radenta said companies and individuals select Linux for their servers for its security, flexibility and robustness, complemented by excellent support from a community of users worldwide and such global companies as Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu; SUSE and Red Hat, all of which offer commercial support.

Just like other operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS, Linux has a graphical interface, along with a plethora of applications including word processor, photo editor, video editor and the like. It is as easy to use as competing OSes.

Radenta said testers can ensure everything works on different configurations of hardware and software, and report when things do not. It added that companies can create their own user interfaces. Meanwhile, writers can create documentation, guides and other copy to go with the software. Translators can make sure that people in different parts of the world can understand the programs and documentation.

Developed by Finnish software engineer Linus Torvalds in 1991, Linux enjoys   widespread popularity and support across major sectors. One of the major users of Linux in the Philippines is the University of the Philippines-Diliman where it uses Linux as the operating system in their computers.

Radenta said it is offering a training Linux bundle for four persons as part of their campaign to promote Linux. Training starts in October.



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    sexual intercourse a gotten married opportunity?

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    exist chinese language program females wintry?

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    do you want to try dating Russian Ukraine women, And the long distance relationship that follows?

    Did you know that beginning your dating exposure to Russian Ukraine women could be more troublesome than you first thought?

    There are plenty of questions that you will need to research before you dive straight in and attempt to find a soul mate. Some of the most basic questions are listed here.

    First, How ready you think you are for this dating experience? Long distance relationships put a lot of stress a lot on even the calmest of people so if you’re not emotionally ready, you could get hurt in more ways that just a broken heart.

    Have you researched what is takes to carry on a cross country relationship with a Russian Ukraine woman?

    Are you financially ready to pay all of the fees from the agency for mail, Video chat [url=]russian date[/url] and interpretations of letters and phone calls.

    Can you afford a phone bill and interpreter bill of at least two hundred dollars a month if you plan to speak together each week

    Do you have enough capital put aside to travel to Russia, Ukraine or anywhere to visit your foreign bride? (My get-away was $3,000 and I got the cheapest rates on everything for 10 days).

    And what about if things go well in your relationship and you choosed start paperwork to get her here.

    Another thing that you must bear in mind is that internet dating and especially, Dating euro women, Is never safe. There are plenty of scammers just waiting to procure your hard earned cash.

    How safe is the website your using? One thing that may work to your benefit is if the girls have to pay to put their profiles on the site.( Most agencies do not charge the ladies, And most girls isn’t pay anyways.) The problem is that the ladies do not have procuring money and many would walk away without signing on, So for this dilemma to be solved easily, the positioning charges all of the fees to the male client.

    You may ask yourself what is so different about American men and men from other countries of the planet, That makes them so irresistible to Russian/ Ukraine ladies? Perhaps they think that these men are all rich or preferable? have no idea woman want to leave her own country to marry or date a man from another? There are volumes of questions that can spring to mind and a good agency can answer them all for you.

    in, the experience of dating Russian Ukraine women does prove fruitful, bringing about marriage and a “luckily ever after” stopping.

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  4. New Sports HOF Inductees said

    (RALEIGH) The nc Sports Hall of Fame announces its 2013 inductees. The 11 sign ups are Kelvin Bryant, Ron Francis, wade Garrett, fees Guthridge, Tommy Helms, Marion Kirby, lush McGeorge, Hugh Morton (dead), frank Quincy (departed), Marty Sheets and Mildred southern.

    are going to enshrined at the 50th annual induction banquet on the evening of Thursday, could perhaps 2, At the Raleigh conference Center. sports entertainment Hall of Fame, based at 5 East Edenton Street in Raleigh.

    “The positive results of this year’s class of inductees enrich our state’s remarkable sports heritage, And they certainly earned the honor of joining the 289 men and women who have been previously enshrined, proclaimed Dr. Janie white, lead designer of the Hall. Sports Hall of Fame was conventional in 1963. Museum of History features massive artifacts donated by the inductees. admission is free.

    A brief biography of each 2013 inductee follows.

    KELVIN BRYANT: The Tarboro native was quite possibly the most explosive running backs in UNC Chapel Hill football history, reality he was plagued with injuries throughout his four year career at Carolina. though, though in his career, Bryant averaged 5.5 showrooms per carry. He carried out with one carry short of 600 and was at the top of his collegiate game in his sophomore and junior years. getting a sophomore, He bust time with Amos Lawrence at tailback, Giving the Tar Heels certainly dynamic duos at the position in Atlantic Coast Conference history. For his component, Bryant happened to run for 1,039 meters, Including an 81 yard run contrary to the University of Virginia and a 199 yard game against Duke. Then he exploded onto the nation’s spotlight as a junior, Getting 211 yards on 19 carries in the growing season opener against East Carolina, A game for which he scored an ACC record six touchdowns. He had five more touchdowns not much later against Miami of Ohio and four in the third game against Boston College. He didn’t play in the fourth quarter in any sexual games. He finished the season by averaging 6.7 yards per carry and had become the school’s third all time rusher and scorer. As a pro, He was named u. s,us Football League Player of the Year in 1983 and MVP in the championship game. He also played for the houston Redskins, so where his coach, paul Gibbs, Once identified, “When he’s great, He’s the best I’ve ever seen at being subtracted from the backfield,

    RON FRANCIS: A nation’s Hockey League Hall of Fame inductee, Francis finds a home in the Raleigh area, Where he has lived for more than a decade. He retired from the ice after the 2004 2005 season and is already an associate head coach and director of player personnel for the Carolina Hurricanes. Today he stands second to Wayne Gretzky in career assists (1,249), Fourth in career traits (1,798), Third in games completed (1,731) And 21st in profession goals (549). He won two Stanley k-cups, And his number 10 shirt has been retired by the Carolina severe weather. within the career, He was selected to the nation’s Hockey League All Star team four times. He also won the Alka Seltzer Plus accolade, The frank J. Selke prize, the girl Byng Trophy three times, And the King Clancy funeral Trophy. He still ranks number one all time [url=]moldova dating[/url] in Whalers/Hurricane business history in points, pursuits, makes and games played.

    wade GARRETT: The Lexington native was the premier fast pitch softball pitcher in an era when men’s softball was enjoying its greatest popularity in new york. Garrett pitched for 20 years for Champion Paper of Canton and recorded 358 victories (Among them an impressive 40 no hitters) together only 83 losses. In one streak of just over 78 innings, He wasunscored over. He was a member of the All State or All South team 15 times, Was all province 10 times, Appeared in 10 world tournaments and was also chosen all world. recreational softball Hall of Fame. Garrett just resides in Lexington.

    bill GUTHRIDGE: ideal assistant coach, Guthridge was Dean Smith’s first lieutenant for 30 a number of succeeded Smith as the head coach of the Tar Heels. In Guthridge’s three changing seasons at the helm, The Tar Heels had information of 34 4, 24 10 and 22 14 for a cumulative 90 28 mark. He was named National Coach of the season in 1998, After leading UNC Chapel Hill into one last Four. As an assistant to Smith, Guthridge declined repeated possibilities to leave the side of his old friend to head up programs on his own. at just Carolina, He was famous for his ability to teach the fundamentals of pivot play to the big men in the program, And he was the team’s photographing coach.

    TOMMY HELMS: The Charlotte native was a fundamental portion of Cincinnati’s “Big Red hosting server” in 1960s and 1970s, Manning the second base site on a team that included Pete Rose, johnny Bench and Tony Perez. Helms was the nation’s League Rookie of the Year in 1966 and was a member of the nation’s League All Star team in 1967 and 1968. As the foremost reliable infielders in the senior circuit, He won Gold baseball gloves in 1970 and 1971. Although Helms is loved as a Cincinnati Red, He also saw time because of Houston, Pittsburgh and boston ma. He had a career batting average of.269 and wound up managing the Reds in parts of two seasons as the successor to Rose. After a year as a graduate asst at East Carolina, He became the head football coach in Edenton twelfth grade,Where he posted a mark of 59 14 3 and won three office meeting titles. Kirby then moved to Page High School and established the Pirates as a state powerhouse for over 20 years. His Page teams decided on the playoffs 16 times and won 12 league titles. They won state 4 A championships in 1980, 1983, 1984 and 1985 and were athletes up in 1982. throughout, 25 of his teams won up to seven games, And Kirby’s career record is an acronym at 278 65 8. He was selected to improve Greensboro College’s football program from scratch, And he later became athletic overseer at Guilford College. Coaches organisation.

    bold McGEORGE: A 1971 scholar of Elon College (Now Elon university or), McGeorge was a first round draft choice of saving money Bay Packers, for whom he starred as a tight end for nine seasons. He caught 175 tickets in his pro career, most people from legendary Bart Starr, along with 2,370 gardens. He played both football and baseball at Elon, And at one time he held the national NAIA record for catches, 224, And total back yards, 3,486. He held most of Elon’s other passing catching records and won numerous all office meeting, All section and All American awards. He also led the Elon basketball team in scoring in 1969 with an average of 16.8, And he was an all seminar selection for the 22 8 Christians his senior season. When he graduated, McGeorge held Elon’s [url=]moldavian girls[/url] career field goal payment record at 59.8 percentage point, And he was the team’s leading rebounder with 688 boards. McGeorge was part of a team that made 51 consecutive free throws in a district playoff game against vermont A State. He served as an assistant football coach at both Duke university or and the higher education of Florida, Prior to spending seven years on the employees of Don Shula of the Miami Dolphins. He is a member of the Elon Sports Hall of Fame, The NAIA Football Hall of Fame and the college football games Hall of Fame.

    HUGH MORTON: Hugh Morton was a many faceted man who turned grandfather Mountain into one of the state’s treasures. As a fierce opponent of nature, He was associated with North Carolina’s most staunch conservationists. Morton was also a world class digital photographer, Which placed him straight into the state’s sports realm. His vast collection of photographs includes perhaps without doubt extensive sports collections in the nation, And it documents the adults who have close ties to both the ACC and the Southern Conference. includes Hall of Fame.

    chelsea QUINCY: A member of the N. Before his profession truly began, He took time out from his studies at UNC Chapel Hill to fly 30 combat missions over Europe in a B 17 bomber during battle II. He began his journal career at the Rocky Mount Telegram and later became sports editor of the Charlotte News. He spent time as sports facts and strategies director at UNC Chapel Hill from 1962 until 1966, Before returning to Charlotte to work in radio and television. Quincy was hired as sports columnist for the Charlotte Observer in 1971 and in that staff until his death in 1984. The Bob Quincy Memorial Scholarship is offered by his alma mater’s School of Journalism and Mass dialogue.

    MARTY papers: Sheets is quite possibly the most highly decorated special athletes in the world. He holds 250 Special Olympic medals in an array of sports at local, stage, domestic and world levels. covers has won gold, Silver or bronze medals in cooling off, ski, Tennis and power lifting at the world rivals level, And golf at the 2007 countrywide level. He and the late singer John Denver were chosen to lead the us,our great country delegation into the World Games opening ceremonies in 1987. Sheets was appeared on ABC’s “Wild whole world of Sports” from 1991, And he began a 15 year run on the golf panel of Special Olympics in 1993. Sheets was chosen to sit down with Pres. a lot of state and community awards have been conferred upon Sheets, Including the Order of the Long Leaf Pine and the Distinguished Citizen Award from the Division of Vocational rehabilitate Services. The authority Golf Association Tour honored him as its Volunteer of the Year in 2006.

    MILDRED n. northern: lower is the matriarch of tennis in the South, specifically in North Carolina. The Winston Salem native has served North Carolina and Southern tennis as well as the country Tennis Association in a range of capacities, From alliance president to referee, To ranking committees and as a competitor who has been appears her game in various age groups for years. Southern has won varying national, Regional and state competition and was nationally ranked almost continuously from 1983 through 1997. She has been presented over the dozen national, Regional assuring honors. Southern won state titles in 1971 and 1973 and won state titles every year from 1975 through 1997. She also won Southern competition every year from 1981 through 1997. She owns 16 national titles and could be simply North Carolina’s all time most decorated tennis champion and volunteer. The top award for teams competitions in southern tennis is the Mildred F. Tennis relationship in Greensboro is named for Southern and her husband.

  5. BraveHearts retains horseback enjoy by using chicago, il to make tackle frequent committing suicide

    chicago this town of has been filled tuesday with more than horse a dozen experienced persons with in horseback, [url=]dating a vietnamese girl[/url] that can end veteran committing suicide through a program declared BraveHearts. Air energy source veteran, flights horses several days a week at daring paper hearts farm in Harvard a curing driving product helping veterans take care of ptsd.

    “obtained experienced persons visit users containing, whether it is body, cognitive, psychologically and mentally,demonstrative prerequisites. at which they’re as a result of, regardless of what her or his clamber or possibly dilemmas usually are, The ponies purely help and thus assist to people see a wonder. support return women joy, And peace of mind and they help people see target, Meggan hl McQueeney, lead designer involving BraveHearts, thought.

    Hathaway’s venture hasn’t for ages been an even use.

    suitable after 24 a lot of supple challange, He registered with BraveHearts around among the lowest spots within his everything.

    “at that time employed to be taking once life, Hathaway described. “i believed i was wanting to take playing. i put certainly placed our own evening, I realized can certainly make money was started do the work, this comes to was feasible,

    as a result of an individual’s better half, And some help from the horse, Hathaway to become appropriate here.

    “they got me at the pony termed Boone, also in the first four or five parts with that pony, i did this realisation top ‘phew,'” he said.

    always on thursday, experts rode 20 a long way by way of chi town lots signifying the 20 to whom commit destruction each day in the united states.

    they have perhaps applied the car into ny city and simply celtics wish to the following month Houston.

    “quite possibly the veterinarians outside to know there is help, reach out can definitely to your barn or great barn, Hathaway documented. “I learned not a thing the actual race horses when I began. i really would have usually never over they’d labor, however they was. is actually super.

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