INSPIRATION AMIDST THE ISOLATION | Five questions with Nicole Laurel Asensio

All photos by Gerard del Mundo courtesy of Nicole Laurel Asensio

A lot of things have happened to Nicole Laurel Asensio since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Almost immediately, the singer-songwriter who rose to prominence as lead singer of the all-female rock group, General Luna, became one of the most sought after artists who did not think twice about offering her talents for numerous online gigs that raised funds for the medical frontliners and families affected by the deadly coronavirus.

Since the community quarantine also known as the lockdown took effect last March, Nicole has also had one of the most eventful periods of her career, starting with a series of online performances she dubbed as Quarantunes.

She also wrote a bunch of new songs including one (“Lessons in Silence”) that she performed for BusinessMirror’s SoundStrip Live & in Quarantine just last May after which she signed a major record deal with Warner Music Philippines. Now, she has just released a brand new single called “Silong.”

In a recent interview with SoundStrip, Nicole talked about how she made the lockdown work to her advantage, how she has evolved as an artist and what the immediate future holds for her career.

1. You’ve had a very productive and eventful lockdown, what made you decide right from the start that you will devote your time to create new music and do online performances?

Keeping myself productive and constantly planning, creating and executing is probably how I’m built, the wheels in my thoughts don’t stop even when I want them to. So perhaps the primary motive to create during quarantine was for my own sanity. I simply need to be constantly crafting something.

Even at home I try to live every day to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised. The lockdown also left me more time to revisit unfinished projects that were stacking up. On the music side, I would divide my time and try to support as many online fundraisers as I could, try to accommodate whatever online corporate gigs came my way and create music content that featured musicians from all genres. These musical collaborations are on my long list of things I have always wanted to do, so I figured, why not now?

2. During the lockdown, you started your now popular Quarantunes series. Tell us more about it.

Quarantunes was started on Day 1 of the lockdown. My keyboardist Kim Lopez and I had been talking about a concept where we mash-up two different songs with the same or similar titles so we started out re-arranging the songs together over the phone. From there I kind of made a wish list of musicians I wanted to work with and songs I wanted to do. I was keeping an eye out for which artists were active online and reached out to some to collaborate, and thankfully they were willing and enthusiastic. Ira Cruz helped me with the recordings and before we knew it we were guesting more and more instrumentalists. We wrapped what we jokingly called Quarantunes Season 1 with 18 videos and will be starting a “second season” soon.

3. I heard your new song, “Silong” took a while to be completed. What happened?

To be honest, I felt like I lost my will to write for a couple years. My calendar was quite full of gigs and events. But for some reason the inspiration to write left me. Even when my father passed away, I found it difficult to put my emotions into words. To write again was something I prayed for for years. “Silong” was re-written quite a few times, and the final version ended up becoming a collaboration with Kim Lopez and Ex Madrigal Singer Itchie Montilla.

The arrangement was a group effort with the band I usually work with, Michael Alba (Drums), Karel Honasan (Bass) Nikko Rivera (Keys) Ira Cruz (Guitar) Michael Guevarra (Horn Arrangement and Sax) Lester Sorilla (trumpet) Isla Antinero (Trombone) JC Magsalin (String Arrangement) Tes Amper (Cello) Jo Bry Cimafranca (Violin) and Yosha Honasan, Pauline Lauron and my mom Iwi on backups. All these people are like musical family to me.

There wasn’t a direct plan to release this song. I had other songs in mind but I just wanted to do a piece that had everyone I love in it And from there I began writing again. I think I now have 15 songs.

4. You started your career as a rocker but your image now is that of a glamorous, sultry chanteuse. Is this the kind of career evolution that you had in mind when you started?

About 12 years ago my mom’s former manager from her early twenties, the late Ms. Roxanne Lapus once told me she envisioned me wearing gowns and singing standards, and hosting events on the side. To be honest, 12 years ago, I couldn’t see myself that way.

I was a leather boot wearing, ripped jeans rockin’, tangled hair-gypsy beads, wailing little woman. And that was all I thought I could be then. But as I got older I realized that I enjoy all kinds of music. Rock will always hold a huge chunk of space in my heart, but I have always enjoyed jazz too. My family is rooted in classical and Broadway so naturally my tastes quickly shift.

I guess corporate event clients might have seen what Ms. Roxanne saw in me back then. Because they started inquiring about me performing with big-band jazz, standards and hosting on the side. Being a self-supporting musician since age 21, I took these jobs, and found a new side of myself that I enjoyed just as much. I fell in love with big band gigs, jazz trio gigs and the like and it started to meld into my writing.

I guess my takeaway is that I don’t believe in having just one life, one colour and one flavour as an artist, and that it’s ok to genre hop. I know not everyone will agree with me there, and that is ok too but I would never allow someone to stop me in my tracks and say— you should only sing this or you should stick to this sound exclusively. I simply wouldn’t be able to live like that.

5. Many fans are still clamoring for a General Luna reunion and you and the other ladies had some recent online get-togethers that you had a lot of fun doing. In addition to considering this reunion, do you still see yourself doing rock music again?

The ladies of General Luna and I have such a rich treasure box of crazy stories and memoirs. As years went by, many things have changed, our lives, our musical landscape, our addresses. And we slowly learned to adapt to these changes as individuals and as friends.

Nowadays, we keep in touch through a Facebook thread where we check on each other and keep each other posted. Once in a while we do catch up sessions on streaming apps like Kumu, I’ve also been asking for an online musical reunion from them, but I think it will have to wait until that is logistically feasible. I hope it will happen soon. We don’t want to feel pressured so I guess it will happen when it is meant to, but the great thing is we’re all in touch and we will always be friends.

As for going back to rock music? Oh yes, definitely. Not tomorrow but you can count on it that I’ll be doing this again soon. My mind is already bubbling with ideas.

Nicole Laurel Asensio’s “Silong” is now available on major streaming platforms. Watch the official music video here premiering this August 29 at 8PM:



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    From train barons to lifecare

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    The show place, regularly called Willoughby, Dates to 1908 when Philadelphia lawyer Percy Hamilton Clark wonderful wife, electronic, The daughter of pennsylvania Railroad president George Brooke Roberts, bought property on the Roberts tract along Belmont Avenue. the happy couple commissioned their cousin, architect Clarence Clark Zantzinger, to develop the mansion, Which would become home to their loved ones, might eventually include eight children and a large staff, this kind of a cook, the governess, A chauffeur and a breastfeed. The estate included as well a working farm with seven cows, One horse and 400 hens, according to “a new First 300,

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  6. Why is it improper for an author to create a character as part of his story who belongs to some other race other than his own

    What is improper is to make a character that relies on stereotyping and caricature.

    approved, You can generally get away with more stereotyping the less important the smoothness is. A background character doesn’t have much development, But still you want to put an end to vulgar caricatures.

    But i’ll presume we’re discussing a main character. The more different the smoothness is from yourself, The more research you want to do. You want to publish a character so believably that the reader thinks you’re writing about yourself. try to be able to climb in that character’s head and understand how he thinks.

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    thus, While you’ll find nothing is wrong with writing people with whom you are not familiar, I reiterate, those who. Write believable classes. if you don’t not writing other people, the problem is writing other people badly.

    And do stay away from tokenism. It regularly shows. Don’t write a character who is a gay black Jew because “multiplicity, Write a gay black Jew because that’s who your aspect is. And then give him something amazing to do. supply him with a good story.

    so long as you have a good story to tell, And treat your characters like a person, really should do reasonably well.

    for additional, read carefully Quill and Ink

    Related QuestionsMore Answers BelowDo it’s necessary that you write about a character race in fiction writing? Is it viable to just let the reader create their own model of what.

    Related QuestionsDo you’ll want to write about a character race in fiction writing? Is it viable to just let the reader create their own handling of what.

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    so i am intently contemplating coming into online dating service personals. I furthermore proceeded to go where to start out with hooking up a profile using one site another overnight. browsing reasonably panicked. i didn’t know kind of pix to organize or how to explain me personally or what my corporation is looking for. can you imagine I start looking monotonous in writing? i do believe so i am a unique male, but then I was sitting there writing the amount of i want bowling then “Duck dynasty” and moreover considered, what precisely person will have to this way?

    might a prospering break up actually set up this way? i will puzzled about how to go for it. regrettably i’m so tired to be alone just in case I discover a very nice great lady some cash,in this, i’m so to be able to try it.

    Wanda: each, the net became a secondary air different taken from physical locales. perfectly, seasons they are a changin’. weight loss of our every single business organization along with assignment typically is conducted from the internet, using it also to connect with likely buddies has grew progressively more appreciated, consistent biological. that is certainly at least 100 million uncle and aunts. as well, 40 per cent are utilising online dating. Get at the tables!

    you bet, will be scary formerly. So websites, lots outlines at sift through, combined with getting rid of on your own in writing are a struggle. are you currently “most prevalent” or sometimes “buying a few extra inches, are you “any kind of a dog particular person” perhaps could you own up to the fatiguing signs?

    don’t lie. Eventually you need meet that conceivable significant other, And the sales page has to help items to close the deal. relationship case evaluate, an agency that a lot of doesn’t record checks to suit about the web daters, observed both sexes are also fraudulent something like various things. sexually active men keep your torso almost get older, stature together with revenue stream. adult females fib over their weight, actual establish and additionally get older. for sure involving some brings together on fret about and also self deprecation regarding we neither to little, thin potentially opulent, furthermore we’ll each of are on their own.

    remember: your aim is to learn someone at least to gain popular a friendly relationship. as, on the web fresh, new understanding, get started with in the perfect foot: with the help of truthfulness, honesty in addition to the extremely correspondence.

    john: a functional hundred million songs about the? very you happen [url=]dating vietnamese women[/url] talking about can chance.

    pay attention pal, when you are truly seriously interested in seeking out for a lover, a partner and also anyone somewhere between, online dating site is the precise sell. capable to put the condition of your bedroom antics to finally experience, Or achievable to ones odds in addition to eliminate the getting to know future (at some level) and also visiting concerned with.

    i’ll replicate Walsoa presume remains real. you shouldn’t show an airborne debris support of the fact that to fifth or sixth encounter but you have to real with whom you are and so you are researching for looking for. filling several excess weight plus dropping your hair? Put it these days! such concise girls that converse the language and searching a long term relationship? types up! towards “Duck empire, very well, maybe you should keep which to your lifestyle.

    international dating quite a bit of work, and you are mainly misusing experience if you aren’t becoming straight on your own and the individuals you’re social. bejesus, even when you aren’t literally favourable what thinking of, you have to honest with that. alot of members think way.

    It’s a real bummer to pay money two weeks understanding someone around the net, so training up the lack of feeling to pay the lender, to attend in order to find that you were made a statement involving much less programs. then again, within the inland northwest moments considerably more unpleasant when compared considering the frustrated take a look closely on somebody’s run into customers discussion you actually initially. there’s not a sufficient quantity cartons relating to wines at Costco to acquire over of which ill at ease.

  8. R might Soccer Nabs Seven All

    The South Atlantic national gathering (SAC) Officially announced the 2019 SAC Women’s Soccer All conference honorees with seven Bears earning attention. She finished second in the league nowadays in goals 13, concerns 30, And injections with 83. Mushtaq was first the SAC with shot on goal part with a.590. Van Eerden is currently third in the SAC in goals with 12 and fifth in assists at five. She is in addition top 10 in LR history in goals with 28 for her career.

    Duston, a local of Palm City, Fla, Earns her first SAC All management meeting nod. Duston is currently eighth in the SAC in goals with eight second most by any [url=]moldova dating[/url] freshmen in the conference. She happens to be fifth in the SAC in assists with five. Shimshock has led a [url=]moldova girls[/url] defense that has given up a league low 10 goals on the season.

    McGarel, a local of Morristown, Tenn, Secures her fourth straight SAC All getting together with honors. She is currently fourth on the Bears in goals with seven, as posting a.400 career shot on goal percentage and has begun and played in every game since her freshman year.

    Cruwys, a native of Bournemouth, great britain, Claims her first SAC All summit honors. Cruwys helped lead LR to a SAC leading goals against ordinary of.59.

    Warner, a native of Burlington, Ontario, nova scotia, Earns her first SAC All conference honors. She leads the SAC convention in shutouts at 10 and goals against average at.59.

    Coach Higgins secures his second SAC Coach of the year award of his coaching career. Higgins secured the 50th win of his career against Limestone recording and the 15 wins this season marks the most in a season under Higgins.

    Lenoir Rhyne claimed its seventh regular season SAC champion with a 3 1 win over Coker. The Bears will compete against in the semifinals of the SAC tournament this weekend Friday Nov.

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