Your home as your safe space in the new normal

The Hamptons Place presents all the conveniences of modern living amid the comforting bliss of a rustic setting.

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed the way we live.

It has disrupted usual routines, upended lives, made individuals rethink their priorities and abruptly adjust to the ways of the so-called new normal. It has also allowed individuals to see their living spaces in a new light, making one better appreciate the value of having a home or a safe sanctuary.

With social distancing and staying home widely encouraged and imposed, individuals have now more than ever realized the merits of owning a property where security and safety are ensured.

“The pandemic continues to pose a threat to every individual and without a vaccine, we don’t see the COVID-19 ending soon. And if there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance and undeniable value of having your own safe space—a home where you can actually live, work, study and play comfortably and afford with that much needed peace of mind,” said Sta. Lucia Land Inc. president Exequiel D. Robles.

“It’s often been said that every hardworking individual must have on his possession a sanctuary where he or she can raise a family without having to worry about their welfare and safety. And never has this advise been more valuable than now when everyone is encouraged to stay at home because of the pandemic,” he added.

As one of the country’s long standing, trusted property developers, Sta. Lucia Land continues to create homes, communities and mixed use developments that are well-equipped for the new normal. Located in key locations across the country, the company’s high quality projects have long served as a safe sanctuary and a conducive space for individuals to raise their family, nurture their passions and realize their dreams.

Sta. Lucia Residenze offers the comfort and convenience of having a mall just one elevator ride from your doorstep.

With more than four decades of creating sustainable communities, Sta. Lucia Land has long served as a reliable partner of many Filipinos who continue to aspire for a better quality of life. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic,  the company had already equipped its communities and developments with features that would allow for a safe, comfortable and convenient live-work-study-play lifestyle.

“It has always been our mission to create and deliver developments that would allow individuals to thrive and live comfortably whatever the situation may be. And while no one was ready for this pandemic, we believe that the thorough and meticulous planning that we put in each of our projects allowed our residents and investors to be more resilient and capable of easily adjusting to the needs of the times,” Robles explained.

“The new normal forced many of us to restrategize and rethink our priorities. Now more than ever I think we’ve really seen the value and merits of having your own safe space. That’s why we highly encourage individuals to save up and invest in a home that would afford them that much needed security and at the same time allow them to continue being productive and successful,” he added.

It has built over 250 pioneering projects, from lakeside developments and residential towers to golf and country clubs and masterplanned townships, Sta. Lucia Land continues to innovate through the years, especially to suit the changing needs and demands of every Filipino. It has projects in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Baler, Palawan, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao and Bacolod and is continuously looking to expand their reach.

The company even furthered its efforts to serve Filipinos working abroad by establishing offices outside the country. It has offices in London, Singapore and Dubai. It also has accredited real estate brokers and sales personnel based in Ireland, Italy, France and Spain.

“We have projects in almost every part of the country, all of which were built and developed to help fulfill every hardworking Filipino’s dream to have their own home. These developments serve as a testament to our commitment to continuously create and deliver projects that are built and ready for the future,” Robles noted.

And to help possible homebuyers achieve their aspiration of owning a safe space in the time of COVID-19, Sta. Lucia Land is offering various promotions like easypay, discounts, flexible payment terms among others.

“We encourage homebuyers to look at property investment as a means to have a safe and secure future. Our homes, as proven by this pandemic, are our only refuge, a sanctuary where we can continue to find solace and comfort. Our homes are safe spaces where we can continue to thrive and be productive with or without the pandemic,” Robles concluded.


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