Duterte: Make sure people have water by noon today or else…

Residents of Barangay Barangka in Mandaluyong City lined up to get their rations of water as supply dwindles in their place for the past four days, as the hot season started to bite and the water level at the La Mesa Dam reached a critical level. The Senate is opening an inquiry into the matter.

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President Duterte ordered the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System to demand from the water concessionaires to immediately release water that is good for 150 days by noon today.

Malacañang warned that those who fail to comply with the President’s directive will be held accountable.

“The President is aware and concerned of the sufferance of the residents of Metro Manila due the present water crisis,” said Presidential Spokesman and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador S. Panelo.

“The President is directing the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) to demand from the Manila Water Company, Inc., Maynilad Water Services, Inc. and other responsible offices to release water from Angat Dam by noon time today, March 15, good for 150 days, in order to supply the affected areas in Metro Manila and deliver, as well as distribute sufficient water to the residents thereof,” Panelo said.

“Failure to act or comply with this directive, the President will personally go to them and make the responsible officers account for such failure,” he said.

Several parts of Metro Manila, particularly those being serviced by Manila Water Company, Inc. have been experiencing water service interruptions since last week.

On Thursday, Malacanang said the water shortage may be” artificial” and vowed that the water concessionaire may be held liable if proven that it has mismanaged the water supply.

Image Credits: Roy Domingo