National Consumer Affairs Foundation presents ‘Moonlight and Love Songs’

After nearly five decades, the phenomenal singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan, the songwriter-singer, is bringing his Moonlight and Love Songs hit concert from California, USA to the PICC Plenary Hall on November 30, 7 p.m.  On that wonderful night, lit up by the full moon and the stars, Jose Mari Chan’s mellow voice will work wonders again to enchant and mesmerize the crowd with his timeless and soulful classics. It will be an entertaining night with Jose Mari Chan, accompanied by his guest performers in the persons of The Crooner-Richard Poon, Sheila Valderrama (voted one of the prettiest theater actress of 2014 as she played several leading role in Dani Girl, The King & I and Shrek: The Musical) Emmanuelle Adda (the French-Filipina Singer, actress and Model. She starred in several international shows, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon and West Side Story) and Ateneo Chamber Singers (winner of numerous prestigious international choral competitions).

This much-anticipated concert will definitely be a treat for every family as it promises to mesmerize every genre, young and baby-boomers alike.

The BusinessMirror is the media partner for this concert.


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