SEC: Genpact’s employee stock option plan exempted from registration

THE Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the request of business process outsourcing firm Genpact Ltd. to exempt the company from registering 250,000 shares as its compensation and international stock-purchase plans.

The plan will be given to the 3,469 eligible employees of its branch office Genpact Services Llc. and 401 employees of its subsidiary Headstrong Philippines Inc. Genpact is a Bermuda-registered firm with units in 24 countries and key management and corporate offices in New York.  “The purpose of the purchase plans is to provide eligible employees with the opportunity to acquire a proprietary interest in the company through periodic payroll deductions,” the company said. The shares have a total value of $4.35 million. Genpact has total asset. The SEC said the employees of the stock-purchase plans have continuous access to the company’s financial documents as it is listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

Headstrong, Genpact’s Philippine unit, was registered in 1991, whose main business is making computer programs for the domestic and/or export markets; to perform such programming and computer-related consultancy services, including the sale and resale of software license, and to engage in such domestic and/or export sales and/or trading…without engaging in retail trade.

Danilo Sebastian Reyes, sits as chairman and president; and Leilani Reyes as treasurer.


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