What it means to be President? READ… It’s all about LEADERSHIP

Characters shown in still from OUR CARTOON PRESIDENT: Cartoon Donald and Cartoon Ivanka (Season 1, Episode 4 "Family Leave"). - Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME -Photo ID: OurCartoonPres_104_002

Being the President is not as simple as it sounds. At first glance, it looks easy enough! Wave at events every now and then. Salute at police formations and military parades. Walk up and down the ramp of Air Force One. Say “My Fellow Americans” at the start of every speech. All in a day’s work right? But behind the glitz and glamour of the Oval Office and the White House, there is more to being the President than meets the eye!

I know what you’re going to say next; being the President is all about leadership! The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces! The President is the one that signs the laws! The President is the guy who shakes the hand of all the world leaders at the United Nations! He even kisses all the babies who visit the White House! HE IS THE MAN! THE MAN’S MAN!

But what does it REALLY mean to be the President. What makes someone fit enough to be called the leader of the Free World? Some would say it’s all about integrity. That being a man of your word and being unflinchingly right is what would make a good President. Close enough? How about experience and expertise? Surely having had years of training along with decades of political achievements would give meaning to being a President. Still no! As much as it pains me and millions of other people, none of these things sum up what it means to be a President! It’s not about character, hardly about leadership, and never about experience. It’s all about getting the votes!

Yes! Experience, integrity, and leadership all mean squat in the face of an overwhelming majority of misguided votes! And if people without all these qualifications can run for the highest office in the land, then almost anyone can be the voted the President! Fake hair and all!


So forget the responsibility, ignore the politics, and really just don’t mind all the belligerent blunders! If you can flash a good smile, say words you don’t mean, and talk about topics you are absolutely clueless of, then you are all set! You would make a spectacular President! You can sway the masses with a mega-pout and win their hearts with an expensive suit! That’s what being a President is all about! Want to see more of this kind of President in action? Then let Our Cartoon President give you your fill of the antics and the frantic that are too real and too funny at the same time!

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