Learn how to structure your salaries, benefits effectively from tax expert

The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act took effect on January 1. This means new computation on compensation. Many businesses and Human Resources (HR) practitioners are not skilled and updated on how to maximize the tax savings and benefits that are allowed by the government.

The confusion on how to properly compute for the salaries, wages and benefits was aggravated in the passing of 2018 TRAIN provisions, which impact both individual and corporate taxpayers. To help the millions of taxpayers and thousands of business organization on this issue, the Center for Global Best Practices is launching a seminar for business owners, decision-makers and HR practitioners on the topic, “How to Structure and Compute Your Salaries, Wages & Benefits with the 2018 TRAIN Incentives for Taxpayers,” scheduled on March 1 at the Manila Marriott Hotel, Pasay City.

You can actually increase the take-home pay of your workers by designing your compensation structure to maximize the use of De Minimis Benefits, Fringe Benefits, other benefits, optimizing the allowable deductions and tax exemptions, giving the 13th-month pay on a monthly basis and more. This will mean less taxes to withhold, more money for your employees. Participants will be shown how to link these new measures to create a cohesive and highly beneficial structure for employers and employees. This offers a window for companies to align compensation approaches with business strategies to achieve a program that attracts, retains and motivates workers and at the same time minimizes tax costs to businesses and their people.

Learn all these from labor law practitioner and HR expert, lawyer Elvin Villanueva. He is the author of 23 books, including Guide on Employee Compensation and Benefits Vol. 1 & 2; Guide to Valid Dismissal of Employees; Guide on Wage Order & Minimum Wage; Valid Job Contracting and Subcontracting, Gabay sa mga Karapatan ng mga OFWs; HR Forms, Notices & Contracts Vol. 1 & 2; Employee Transfer & Demotion; Leave Benefits; How to Pass the Bar Examination; Real Estate Practices in the Philippines; Real Estate Exam Reviewer; and Real Estate Reviewer: Brokerage Practices. Interested participants are encouraged to avail themselves of the group discounts for three or more participants. This is a limited-seats-only event and preregistration is required.

For details and a complete list of seminars, including “BIR CAS Compliance for Medium & Large Taxpayers”, “Tax Rights and Remedies for SMEs & Large Taxpayers, Local Government & Real Property Taxation”, “Taxation of Hotels, Restaurants and Resort Businesses”, and many more, you may log on to www.cgbp.org.


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