How busy, hardworking mothers create #PocketFullofFun moments with their kids

Moms nowadays are such multifaceted individuals. On top of managing housework, their careers and their kids, they also have to make sure that their parenting styles are not overshadowed by their hectic schedules.

These superwomen may be masters at multitasking, but sometimes, they do reach their limits. That’s why they need extra help when it comes to making sure that they take care for their little ones well.

Pearl Paguio, a mother of three kids who also works as a freelance writer, also has to balance her career with her other responsibilities. It is the little parenting details that she has to worry about sometimes. “One of my constant concerns is what to give them for baon or snack time,” she shared on one blog entry.

Stay-at-home Serene Shikukeza, behind the blog “The Super Momma,” has the same concerns. The mother of three shared, “Being a mom to three children with no help is really a challenge for me. Every day I have to think of ways on how to manage time in between household chores and feeding them properly, [as well as] giving them the best and healthy food there is.”

However, she started feeling more of the pressures of motherhood when her eldest started going to school. “It was a big challenge for all of us. I had to adjust everything since we were just laid-back and not having to worry [about what] we do here at home before. Things suddenly changed when I had to wake up early every day to prepare him to school. Time is fast-paced.”

For these moms, time constraint is the primary problem. Combine it with the pickiness of children when it comes to their merienda and it is not surprising for these superwomen to feel challenged sometimes.

These challenges are exactly what Gardenia’s Pocket Sandwiches cater to. The new pocket snack from the household bread brand is a handy, nutritious sandwich perfect for kids’ snacks every day.

“The most challenging part…of being a mom of a school-aged kid is to prepare him healthy food [for] school. My son, who became a picky eater, has limited food choices. Good thing he likes bread so much,” Mommy Serene explains.

Mommy Pearl and Mommy Serene were both delighted by the pocket sandwiches not only because of its kid-friendly and all-time favorite flavors—they come in peanut butter, chocolate, cheese and strawberry pastillas—but because of the time they save from having to prepare their little ones’ merienda.

The cheese and strawberry pastillas flavors are actually new. Like the peanut butter and chocolate variants, these additional variants are made with soft and creamy fresh-baked white bread sealed with rich, luscious fillings.

Pocket Sandwich Cheese and Strawberry Pastillas are both high in vitamin B1 and contain vitamin B3, which may help release energy from proteins, fats and carbohydrates. They also have vitamin A which is essential for the functioning of eyes, calcium that is needed in maintenance of normal teeth and bones, and iron which contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

On the other hand, the Peanut Butter and Chocolate variants are high in iron and have vitamins A, B1 and B2.

Mommy Serene shares, “I am up for anything that will make life easier, especially [one] that is a healthy choice for my my children. [The Pocket Sandwich] saves me a lot of time when preparing sandwiches because I just have to stuff it inside their bag.”


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