Converge ICT vows to continue improving customer experience

In Photo Converge ICT Solutions COO Jesus Romero (from left) CEO Grace Uy, Head of Enterprise Alan Smyth, Marketing Director Angela Gutierrez and President and CEO Dennis Anthony Uy.

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. (Converge ICT) vowed that it will continue to make customers experience better this year as it builds on the company’s tremendous growth in the past year.

“The year 2017 was really good for us. One of our key concerns, however, was scaling. It means as we grew, it should not affect the customer experience,” according to Converge ICT COO Jesus “Boboy” Romero. “That’s the most important because as we acquire customers, they’re the ones that dictate our future with their feedback, whether negative or positive.”

As the company continues to grow, one of the company’s focus areas for 2018 will continue to be on how the company can serve the people better, according to Romero. He emphasized that people have different ways or ideas on how they should be served. Some want to be pampered, but some would want to take care of the problem themselves.

As to the company’s effect on the industry with the launch of Fiber X, the marquee 25-Mbps plan and the “no data cap” offering, it remains to be unique on the industry, Romero pointed out. The competition noticed and also rolled out its own “unli” offering but still with a premium price to it. “I believe we had a good effect on the industry when we introduced fiber to the Internet consciousness of people. The competition mimicked our efforts, in a way, but we don’t care what they’re doing. We think the market is really big and it’s good because now, more people are enjoying fiber.”


He said they are also looking at expanding product offerings to include providing video services and content distribution on top of the fiber connectivity since the company’s legacy is on cable TV. “The good thing for us is that since we’re using fiber, the incident rate is very low in terms of possible problems. Of course, there is also fiber cuts, which is probably the only real problem to fiber and can’t be really avoided. There will always be problems, but the biggest difference is how you handle them.”

Converge ICT President and CEO Dennis Anthony Uy, meanwhile, thanked their partners and customers for their continued success and bared big plans for the company. He noted the intention to cover the entire Luzon area by this year and launch of a subsea cable that will connect the entire Philippines.

“We have already signed several agreements with foreign partners that will further boost capacity, particularly Internet connection in public places like hospitals, even parks. We’ve already been called the ‘Disruptor’ because I want to bring different avenues for telco services and we are bringing more new technologies. We even have a construction company that will take care of building the infrastructure so we don’t have to outsource the construction because we can do it ourselves.”

He also promised extensive rollouts for their own subsea cable and underground backbone, starting in major provinces, such as Cavite, Batangas, Bulacan, Pampanga and Pangasinan, and will continue to build on their Fiber-To-The-Home business. Uy also hopes to invest in applications, cloud services, particularly in the government to help provide better services to the people.


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