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Firms raise funds despite Covid headwinds

THE Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) has a lot to be thankful for this year. For one, it did not have to contend with the extreme volatility in prices that it saw in 2020, which triggered the three-tier circuit breaker a number of times. The circuit-breaker system allows the PSE to halt trading when market prices fall at certain levels.

Hope and recoil for OFWs in 2021

IT was supposed to be a year marking the start of return to normalcy, or whatever “normalcy” meant. For millions of Filipinos dependent on the economies of padala—it meant return of dollars and more food on the table from the depressing first year of the pandemic.

DOH spends most of 2021 tweaking pandemic response, parrying criticism

WHILE drawbacks are nearly inevitable when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic response—a similar scenario in other countries during a global health crisis—the Department of Health (DOH) remained unfazed toward the yearend, vowing to do even better in fighting an unseen enemy that has upended entire countries and systems, forever changing the way people live.