What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

By Jek Lianos

THEY say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Physiologically speaking, this tends to be true with our bones behaving in this manner.

A motor vehicular accident may leave you a fractured left arm; a low bone density or undue forces may bend your back or break your leg, but bones tend to recover and become stronger than your pre-morbid status. Thanks to the Wolff’s law, this is possible.

Wolff’s law, a well known principle in medicine, states that changes in the form and function of the bones, are followed by changes to its internal structure. Thus, the more stress and use applied in to the bone, it becomes stronger, thicker and harder to break.

That’s why, weight lifting and among other resistance training regimens are staple in rehabilitative care and are advised in improving bone health and density. Gradual weight transfers up to capacity and tolerance is practiced, to apply stress in the area to initiate bone deposition and growth.

Weight training of various forms are also helpful for individuals looking in to bettering their bone health and density. Hitting a gym, weight mediated functional workouts definitely improves overall bone density. Resistance training will thicken your bones making you less prone to injury. Also, resistance training plus cardio work produces more favorable results compared to cardio alone. A workout may not kill you, but definitely makes bones stronger.

With various fitness facilities sprouting in the metro, Primal Ape CrossFit is a venue in Makati that uses full advantages of weight training for various fitness levels – the Primal Fit. Utilizing light weight medicine balls to Olympic weight lifting barbells, the Primal Fit is a sure hit to every individual looking for a unique and constantly varying weight training.

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